Behind the Scenes Beauty – Makeup on The Mindy Project

Beauty practices for the small screen aren’t that different from our daily routines in the real world. Amy Schmiederer, department head makeup artist for “The Mindy Project,” shares her on-set beauty tips and her favorite products to use on and off set.

A typical makeup day on set

A typical day on the set is first getting all of the cast ready. We usually have early call times
everyone is ready for rehearsal when the crew arrives an hour or hour 1/2 later. On a comedy, it’s important to move fast with your makeup application, which I feel is important. Then, we usually have other cast members come later in day as well. Otherwise, we are on set doing touch ups and always making sure we have fun. Depending on the scripts, each episode you have to prep in case of gags etc. which I love!

Go-To Products

I have a lot! At my station, you will find concealers by Yves Saint Laurent. I also use Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics. I recently got the line this year and they have amazing concealers! We have also been using the Berry Lip Gloss from Osmosis. I love NARS – their blushes and eyeshadows along with Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation and Giorgio Armani. I also have Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms, Senna Brushes, IT Cosmetics, Dermalogica and Art Stick chubby liners from Bobbi Brown.

Insider Trick for TV Work

I like to keep things real so I use a lot of oil blotters! Simple but effective.

Applying Makeup for HD

The key really is less is more. It’s the same but better to see the skin and have everything look natural and clear. Each show is different with the lighting and HD. It changes all of the time. But HD is getting easier with makeup. Some colors might show more so you always have to keep close to the DP. But less is always best and blending is important.

Q&A courtesy of Janice McCafferty PR

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