Castor Oil

An All-Purpose Remedy

Mention “castor oil” to older generations and you may notice the cringed, disgruntled look on their face due to all of the interesting memories it brings to mind. Many people were forced to take a daily dose as a child with the claim that it will heal a number of ailments. Castor oil continues to be a product that sells off the shelf due to its many uses for the hair, skin and body.

Oil that has been around for thousands of years and cured a number of problems, castor oil is a product that every storeowner should have on their shelf. Scientifically known as Ricinus communis, castor oils are roasted and ground manually from Jamaican Castor beans, then boiled to produce 100% pure organic oil. These pure and unrefined oils retain their nutritive properties, making them great for moisturizing skin, treating damaged hair, relieving pain, and massaging the body.

For centuries, castor oil has been used as a powerful all-purpose remedy. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, this soothing oil is made of properties essential to healthy hair and skin. People have been known to use castor oil as a laxative for constipation, to start labor in pregnancy, a skin and scalp treatment, and even an immune booster. Today, castor oil is best known for beautifying and growing strong, healthy hair, moisturizing dry skin and improving the overall health of the body.


The benefits of castor oil include the following uses:


  1. Hair – When castor oil is applied to the hair and scalp, it stimulates hair growth, blood circulation and frees scalp of bacterial infections and dandruff. The oil seals the moisture into the hair and prevents it from becoming dry which can lead to hair loss and split ends. It can also help thicken eyebrows.


  1. Skin – Application of castor oil keeps the skin moisturized. It is heavy oil that penetrates the skin deeply, making it an effective skin treatment for acne and psoriasis.


  1. Body – This soothing oil is also used for aromatherapy when massaging the body and reducing the pain of swelling joints and tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system by increasing white blood cells.


You can maximize your revenue in castor oils by taking advantage of its many benefits and placing them in additional areas of the store. Display signage throughout the store that directs customers to other areas where they can find castor oil. When a customer comes into your store looking for oil that will moisturize their hair, they should find castor oil in the hair section. If a customer needs to find oil that heals and improves the appearance of their skin, they should find castor oil there in the skin section.

There is a castor oil for every customer. They are sold in several fragrances, offer many benefits and can easily maximize the store’s revenue. The goal is to efficiently utilize castor oil in your shelf space and increase revenue.


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