Charcoal: So Crazy it Just Might Work

380 claims earthy ingredients like charcoal and volcanic ash
are “the secret to healthier, cleaner strands” recently declared in a published article that some “new clarifying hair products are gentler and more effective than ever thanks to ingredients like charcoal, clay and volcanic ash.” If you are like us, when you first read that statement you probably reacted with disbelief and perhaps a thought of “yeah, right.” However, it turns out that it is actually true! Charcoal in particular is great for skin care, and that had industry professionals wondering if it could work wonders for hair as well.

The aforementioned article included the following quote: “‘Your hair shows youthfulness, radiance and health, so your hair and scalp need to be purified just like your skin does,’ says James Pecis, pro hairstylist and Oribe hair care global ambassador.” It also explained that clarifying shampoos  have been used for years  to balance scalp pH, but these new products that harness the power of earthy ingredients can do the same without the harsh side effects of harmful additives; this gives these goods even more consumer value.

Simply working to “gently yet effectively lift away impurities, oil and build-up,” these ingredients of wonder are revolutionizing the hair industry. Along with another brand, testers with Dailymail reportedly tried the Charcoal Purifying Shampoo from Hask and realized that their “hair not only felt thoroughly clean as a result, but it also felt softer and silkier, dried faster and appeared more voluminous and bouncy. It was not oily or dry—but just right.”

The charcoal revolution has stepped onto the haircare scene and we do not see it backing away any time soon. It seems that consumers are increasingly going natural and stripping beauty down to the basics; this includes removing buildup and pollutants in their hair. Cleanse on!



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