Child’s Play

Who says beauty has to be complex? This industry truly has something to style every head of hair or moisturize any pair of hands, no matter how young or old. Take a look at the items gathered here, and see which you can add to your shelves to serve your youngest shoppers.


Soft & Sassy

Girls really do just want to have fun and sometimes even be a bit sassy, especially with their hairstyles. The Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner from Aunt Jackie’s Girls is enriched with good-for-hair ingredients to help soften coarse, hard-to-manage tresses. It can be used as a co-wash, deep conditioning treatment or a rinse out conditioner to make for easier combing, and to strengthen hair for healthier growth in naturally curly, coily and wavy tresses.


Glitter Girl

Add a touch of sparkle and shine to any fun hairdo with Jerome Russell’s Hair & Body Glitter. This temporary spray can be added sparingly for a subtle look or generously for a more show-stopping appearance. It easily washes out and will not damage hair, body or clothing. Girls will love it!


Care for Kids

We all know that vitamins are important, but did you know they can help your hair too? The Mane Choice’s Manetabolism Kids Gummy Vitamins help children—both boys and girls—ages 2 and up grow healthy hair, nails and skin while keeping their immune system strong. These tasty and all natural fruit flavored gummies are gluten and dairy free, and aid in a comprehensive approach to growing healthy hair while keeping little ones healthy at the same time.


Detangle for Happiness

The gentle formula of the ORS Olive Oil Girls Leave-In Conditioning Detangler is infused with Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 to condition and moisturize as it helps to detangle tresses. It leaves hair shiny, soft and more manageable, and girls happier thanks to easy styling times.


No Time for Tears

You will not find any tears here, thanks to the Cantu Care for Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo. This gentle formula cleanses and promotes healthy hair growth with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. It works to effectively nurture and nourish fragile coils, curls and waves in textured hair. Bath time just became a breeze.



Add a Streak of Fun

What little girl doesn’t like cotton candy? Now your youngest fashionistas can enjoy this treat in a different way—by adding a pop of color to their hair (if their parents are OK with it, of course). The semi-permanent hair color Amplified formula from Manic Panic is offered in a fun Cotton Candy Pink shade that actually glows under a black light. Talk about a memorable trip to the skating rink!


Nourishment is Key

Young hair and scalp needs a little extra tender love and care to foster healthy tresses for years to come. Luckily the Sofn’Free n’Pretty Olive & Sunflower Oil Hair and Scalp Nourisher features a special blend of oils to help strengthen and protect hair and scalp for both relaxed and natural hair users. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and relieves tight, itchy dryness.


Just for Mama

There is something special about the bond created between a nursing mother and a newborn baby, yet the process could come with a bit of discomfort for mamas. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter comes to the rescue as an easy-to-apply lotion that helps relieve sore, cracked nipples. It may also be used prenatally to prepare the mother for this new practice.


Curls for Kids

Children run and play outside, they are curious about things all around the house, and they certainly aren’t worried about their hairdos…at least at a young age. Their moms, however, may think a little differently. The Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Curling Butter Cream from SheaMoisture is formulated with natural ingredients that work to control children’s wayward curls while moisturizing.


Just Relax

Your store’s youngest fashionistas can relax their hair without a worry thanks to SmoothCare Olive Oil Kids’ No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer. This formula is enriched with Olive Oil to condition and enhance sheen, and it also includes other beneficial ingredients (Coconut Oil and Shea Butter). Calm coarse textures in no time!


Creamy Co-Wash

Cleanse and moisturize with this one easy to use, nourishing product. Enriched with valuable ingredients, and leaving out harmful ones like formaldehyde and petrolatum, the Just for Me Detangling Creamy Co-Wash detangles, cleanses and hydrates beautifully.

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