Clipper Tips for the College-Bound Student


In the fall, students begin to get their supplies together to head back to college. For most of these young men, that means being away from their favorite barber/stylist for months at a time and a dramatic change to their regular grooming routines. You can help them keep in style by suggesting the right tools to use while they’re away. Andis makes several professional-grade tools that consumers can use to meet their personal grooming needs at school or at home.

32400-slimline-pro-li-trimmer-d-8-straightThe Pivot Motor Combo is a budget-friendly clipper/trimmer set, good for general cutting and trimming on all types of hair. Both tools feature pivot motors that deliver enough power to cut through even the thickest hair—dry or damp. This combo includes a full set of easy-to-use attachment combs to help achieve a variety of hair lengths and is packaged with a case for convenient storage.

The SuperLiner Trimmer with shaver head attachment is a versatile, rotary motor tool for men wanting a clean close shave, but who don’t have the time or skills for a straight razor shave. Because it’s two tools in one, the SuperLiner is perfect for the busy student. They can use the trimmer blade to clean up and shape the hairline or sideburns and then snap-off the blade and attach the shaver head to finish up. It’s quick and simple.

The SlimLine Pro Li Trimmer is the ideal tool for the student on the go. Its cordless design and compact size means it can be easily tucked into a backpack for weekend road trips. The powerful lithium-ion battery packs a powerful punch that can be used to dry shave and create clean outlines. Best of all, it has a close-cutting T-blade to achieve a barbershop-clean look.

Don’t forget to recommend care and maintenance products to your customers to keep their tools running smoothly. Proper care will extend tool life and improve cutting performance—both contributing to a happy customer!

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