Clubman Pinaud: A Legacy of Grooming Excellence

Clubman Pinaud stands as a beacon of timeless sophistication and trusted performance in the world of men’s grooming. Clubman Pinaud offers a range of iconic products that help men look and feel their best. From classic aftershaves to innovative beard care solutions, each Clubman Pinaud product is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and heritage.


OTC: Can you share the story behind Clubman Pinaud’s founding and how it has evolved over its 200 years of grooming excellence?
Absolutely! Clubman Pinaud’s legacy began in the early 19th century with Edouard Pinaud, a renowned perfumer from Paris. He established The House of Ed. Pinaud, where he crafted luxury fragrances and grooming products, including the iconic Lilac Vegetal Aftershave, still cherished today.

OTC: What sets Clubman Pinaud apart from other grooming brands, particularly in terms of quality and heritage?
Clubman Pinaud’s unparalleled grooming experience and commitment to quality set us apart. With over two centuries of expertise, our products have become synonymous with timeless sophistication, brand recognition and trusted performance.

OTC: The brand’s packaging is iconic and recognizable. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the design and how it resonates with customers?
Our classic packaging pays homage to our rich heritage and timeless appeal. It evokes a sense of nostalgia for loyal customers while attracting new ones with its timeless elegance and sophistication.

OTC: Lustray Spice Aftershave is one of your popular products. What makes it stand out, and how does it contribute to the overall grooming experience?
Lustray Spice Aftershave is a favorite among men for its ability to restore and revive skin after shaving. Its exotic spiced scent leaves users feeling energized and refreshed, providing the perfect finishing touch to any grooming routine.

OTC: Can you share some insights into the development process of the Clubman Pinaud Beard Filler Pen and how it addresses common grooming concerns?
Our Beard Filler Pen was designed to meet the needs of men with textured hair, instantly covering grays and filling in patchy areas for a natural and seamless look. It’s a convenient solution for creating a look of a thicker, fuller beard, a sleek, straight beard line, and perfectly groomed hair line.

OTC: How does Clubman Pinaud maintain relevance and appeal to both longtime users and younger generations seeking trusted grooming solutions?
By staying true to our heritage while embracing innovation, Clubman Pinaud continues to resonate with men of all ages. Our timeless products offer a sense of nostalgia for older generations, while younger users appreciate our trusted performance and classic style.

OTC: How does customer feedback shape Clubman Pinaud’s product development and brand strategy?
Customer feedback is invaluable to us. We actively listen to our customers’ the barber and their needs and preferences to continuously improve our products and ensure they meet the highest quality and performance standards.

OTC: What marketing strategies does Clubman Pinaud employ to connect with its target audience and maintain brand loyalty?
We engage our audience through various channels, including social media, traditional advertising, and partnerships with barbershops and grooming influencers. By sharing our story and values, we foster community and loyalty among our customers.

OTC: Can you provide insights into future product releases or innovations that Clubman Pinaud enthusiasts can look forward to?
While we can’t reveal specific details just yet, we’re always working on exciting new products and innovations to enhance the grooming experience for our customers. Stay tuned for updates on our latest offerings.

OTC: How does Clubman Pinaud ensure the consistent quality and performance of its products, especially considering its long-standing legacy and reputation?
Maintaining the highest standards of quality is paramount to us. We carefully source the finest ingredients and adhere to rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure that every Clubman Pinaud product delivers the exceptional performance our customers expect.

OTC: For beauty supply retailers interested in carrying Clubman Pinaud products, what advice would you offer them regarding product placement and marketing strategies to maximize sales and customer satisfaction?
We recommend prominently featuring Clubman Pinaud products in high-traffic areas of the store, such as near the checkout counter or alongside complementary grooming essentials. Additionally, leveraging our brand’s heritage and reputation for quality through targeted marketing campaigns can help drive awareness and increase sales.

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