Color Coded

There is a special kind of satisfaction that comes from clothes, shoes, accessories—or anything really—being organized by shade. Although these product selections are not separated in that fashion, they are all distinctly set apart among your shelves because of their eye-catching color.


Color Oasis

Your customers can increase volume, body and shine without weighing down hair with the special sulfate and paraben-free formula of One ‘N Only Argan Oil’s Color Oasis Volumizing Shampoo. They can also toss the fear of color loss to the wayside, thanks to its patented UV color protection system that shields from environmental light. Seal in color and prevent color wash-out today!

Polish Up

Fantasia’s Hair Polisher for Color Treated and Chemically Damaged Hair works to prolong the life of both semi-permanent and permanent hair color, while magnifying shine and smoothness of hair. Enriched with Aloe, this extra strength formula revitalizes, renews and repairs tresses.


Intensely Gorgeous

It may seem like a feat to get bright, beautiful vivacious color on dark hair, but Dark and Lovely has it this sometimes difficult task all figured out. Their Go Intense! Ultra Vibrant Color is an intense conditioning crème gel made with olive oil that leaves behind an incredible soft feel. It also includes a new color booster!


Plum Pretty Hair Color

Formulated specifically for dark hair base colors, L’Oreal Technique’s Excellence HiColor offers multi-level lift in one step. Hair color shown here is in the shade “Black Plum,” but all 6 violet and black shades offer breathtaking beauty.


Superb Silver

A current trend in hair color is silver tones; they’re no longer exclusive to the most seasoned and mature of your customers, but fashionistas of varying ages can flaunt them. Sparks’ Long-lasting Bright Hair Color in “Silver Mist” will whisk your customers away.


Blue for Blondes

Hask’s new Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil collection for blondes is created to banish brassy tones so blonde tresses can shine through. The Blonde Care Conditioner’s deep blue violet formula helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones and enhance radiance of hair. Tame frizz, add shine and prevent breakage all at once!


Intriguing Indigo

Why not be dare to be different? Manic Panic supports creativity and the company’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream, shown here in “Ultra™ Violet,” provides your customers the opportunity to set their style apart from the crowd. This vegan formula colors and conditions hair.


Eliminate Blank Spots

Introducing the only hair fiber designed for curly hair, Make It Fuller Hair Building Fibers from NouriTress Hair Products. These fibers make thinning hair look fuller, resemble real hair, and are easy to apply. Your customers can say “goodbye” to thinning, blank spots and “hello” to uniform hair color again.


Italian Intelligence

Proudly made in Italy, Eco Style Pro’s Semi-Permanent Moisturizing Color offers customers the option to change up their style, whether subtly or drastically. With no ammonia or peroxide, this dye is great for use on all hair types. Aloe Vera and jojoba oil in the formulation offer additional benefits to hair health.


Honey Blonde Hues

Looking to stock a permanent hair color that is rich in vitamins E & B5, olive oil and coconut oil for excellent moisturizing and vibrancy? Look no further than ORS’s Olive Oil Hues Vitamin & Oil Crème Color. Shown here in “Honey Blonde,” it adds just a touch of glam to any look.

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