Colored Tools Boost Sales

Stylists like tools that match their décor. I recently sold seven blow dryers to a lady who wanted all her stations to match. I’m sure she probably has matching flat irons and curling irons as well. Hairstylists look and feel more professional when they have a matching set of tools. These are the same customers that will change their tools if the salon changes colors.

“These stylists like to have different tools that set them apart.”

Who May Be Interested?

Booth renters are great colored tool customers. I laughed once when I walked into a salon and the stylists had decorated their flat irons with printed duct tape. I realized immediately they needed to see our colored and printed tools. These stylists like to have different tools that set them apart.

Mothers of teenage girls come to my salon at Christmas asking for tools to match their daughters’ bathrooms. They will buy matching sets as gifts. Matching colors make them feel special in their pretty spaces. The girls also like those tools for pictures and videos. We see our colorful tools on social media quite often.


We Are Visual People.

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to look at wall of blow dryers in a store and wonder which one to buy. Many times the color is the deciding factor. Most hairstylists zoom in the color before they ask about weight, temperature settings, or wattage. We are visual people. If the color doesn’t appeal to us, we don’t bother learning about a product’s performance. If I can get everything I like in a dryer and it is the right color I’m thrilled! If it is the right color, but does not have every desired feature I will still buy it. If it has every feature I’m looking for, but it is the wrong color I will leave it on the shelf.

“Every display needs to make customers want to take something home.”

Spice Up Your Sales

Colored tools add spice to your marketing and sales. Pretty tools are appealing to buyers during holidays and special occasions. With colored tools you can change your retail display to match whatever is in season. The tools can draw extra attention to colored bottles and styling lines that need an extra boost. When customers see a pretty display they will compare it to what they have at home or in their salons. Every display needs to make customers want to take something home. Colorful displays should be seen from the top of the market to the bottom line sale. That builds momentum and drives sales for all. There is some truth to the phrase “Color speaks louder than words.”


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