Coloring Tips for Highly Textured Hair

Coloring ethnic hair can take an ordinary look to the next level. Learning how takes precision and practice, but with a few helpful tips it’s easy for any consumer to feel like a pro at home. With so many fantastic shades and formulas available now, the sky is the limit with how creative you can be with hair color. Mixed texture hair can range from curly to coily, to wavy to straight, but should be treated similarly to curly hair that needs moisture, conditioning and care.

Color on mixed textured hair can add a whole new dimension to her curls. Whether she’s looking to add subtle highlights or change her hair color completely, adding a new layer of style with hair color is a fun way to change her look while still feeling like herself. The highly textured hair consumer wants to enjoy hair color without losing the luxuriousness of her curls.

For first time box color users, the thought of coloring hair at home can be scary so education is needed. It’s important for the consumer to know how much color to use, when to apply it and when to rinse it out. Picking out the right shade using the visual guides is also very important. If the hair is healthy, you can use any color if you follow the hair color box instructions. Manufacturers do a lot of testing on their products and include detailed instructions on the box and with the directions sheet. It would be great to encourage your customers to read the directions and look at “how-to” videos on their websites or social media pages to learn how to best apply at-home hair color on textured hair.


Helpful Hints

It’s important to use the right type of hair color. Consumers should look for hair color that has conditioning agents in them, like silk proteins, and are formulated with moisturizing conditioners that will hydrate the hair while depositing color. Ammonia-free versions can offer long-lasting color that won’t fade and look vibrant on all hair textures.

Some helpful tips for the mixed textured hair consumer coloring her hair at home would be to start the hair color application one inch away from the scalp and comb down to the ends. The scalp holds heat so if you apply color at the scalp first, it will process faster and leave you with different colors in your hair. Ends tend to accept hair color more readily.

It’s also important to note that there may be several textures of hair in mixed textured hair. Curly hair can tend to be more fragile. Coloring virgin hair that does not contain any chemicals or relaxer is a great way to have long-lasting color and play around with bolder shades that can tend to be more experimental like bold blonde shades.

When coloring textured hair that is grey, it is important to look for a formula that says “100% grey coverage” on the outside of the box. Grey hair can tend to be resistant to color and this is true with curly or mixed textured hair as well, so full coverage will be very important to the consumer’s happiness.

Curly hair can tend to be dryer and more dehydrated so it’s important to look for formulas, like Creme of Nature Moisture-Rich Hair Color with Shea Butter Conditioner and Creme of Nature Exotic ShineÔ Color with Argan Oil from Morocco, that offer maximum conditioning benefits with nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and Argan Oil. Newer at-home hair color includes these high-quality ingredients to help protect her tender curls and make the color last longer.

At-home maintenance after the color application is very important. To maintain color, consumers should look for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos, like Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco Sulfate-free Moisture & Shine Shampoo, and conditioners that will provide moisture back into her hair. Leave-in conditioners with nourishing oils like coconut oil or Argan oil will be helpful for her daily styling and maintenance, as will moisture-rich treatment masks. You should also suggest that she do hot oil treatments with natural Argan oil to lock moisture into her strands. This will help to keep her hair hydrated and really bring out the shine of her new color.

Using the right amount of color is key. There’s nothing worse than coloring your hair at home and running out of hair color. Mixed texture hair can tend to be more full and voluminous than straight hair, so encourage the consumer to buy more than one box if she has hair that is longer than a lob. In this case, it’s better to have than to have not.


Fabulously Fun

Lastly, today’s consumers want to have fun with hair color – so let them! Whether they are looking to go deep with jet black, kick things up a notch with auburn or burgundy, or experiment with bright red or blonde, there are a variety of options for every hair texture. She can choose all over color, balyage or add subtle highlights at home. Follow the instructions, use enough color, condition and take plenty of selfies afterwards.

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