Conditioning Basics:

Check out our Jinny top 5 products that help add shine, deep condition, and provide maximum hold.


Murray’s BEESWAX  – Item # MU26000 

Murray’s Beeswax is easy to apply yet stiff enough for the most demanding hair styles. A must for braids, dreadlocks and other hard to hold styles. Murray’s imports the highest available grade of Beeswax from Australia. 

Difeel Biotin Pro-Growth Root Stimulator 2.5 oz.  – Item # SF14574

It helps with root reactivation and promotes healthy hair growth while strengthening and adding shine to the hair. The 99% natural blend with fortifying Biotin also helps prevent hair loss while working to restore thinning hair and stimulate the hair follicles at the root. 


Hairobics Braid Gel – Item # HB3721 

The AllDay LOCKS Braid Gel helps lock styles in place and keeps them looking better longer. The use of Tea Tree Oil will reduce any itching that may occur. 

Wrap Me Foaming Mousse  – Item # RR18305 

Coconut and shea oils deeply hydrate hair from the inside out, leaving hair soft and nourished with brilliant shine. Fast drying foaming mousse leaves wraps soft and full of body. Can be used for wash and wear styles, defining curls, and taming frizz. 

Let’s Jam Shining And Conditioning Gel Extra Hold –  Item # CRO02927 

This hair gel provides a flake-free conditioning strong hold. The styling gel conditions and shines and is great for styling. It’s great for braiding, smoothing edges, twisting, taming frizz and flyaways. 

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