From Father to Son

One of the first and last impressions you can leave on a women is your scent. This is why it is so important to groom and bathe yourself every day and take care to get a manicure and pedicure once monthly. Personally, I like to take a shower or bath and brush my teeth at least 3 times daily. Wearing clean clothes and undergarments are paramount, next to washing your body and applying deodorant, lotions or aftershave. Be careful not to mix too many scents or fragrances when developing your daily regimen. This leads me to the final step before walking out of the house…choosing a cologne that is timeless and one that will match your natural body oils, lifestyle or occasion you have dressed for whether day or night. I will provide you with a few tips and a cologne option for 2017.

Fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style, and it has a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. Most men who use colognes and perfumes do so because they had a father or role model who introduced them to the practice. Dad’s Old Spice or Brut is not an option. Those who stumble upon the practice fail to understand the importance and the purpose. Did you know that wearing a fragrance will make you more attractive to women? In choosing a mate, smell is of high importance for many women. A nice fragrance adds to your overall impression of being a sharp, well put-together man. Choosing a fragrance should always be done by you and you alone. Remember you are trying to match your natural body scent and find a cologne to enhance your scent. Smell is actually our strongest sense. It is connected to our memory and can develop deep connections to our emotions.


Here are a few cologne tips:

  1. Start light: Put one spray on warm body parts.
  2. Less is more: Don’t drown yourself in a fragrance.
  3. Do not apply to clothing: You want to mix fragrance with your natural body oils, and this can possibly stain clothing.
  4. Apply to dry skin: Apply after a shower while you are completely dry.
  5. Don’t kill the note: Rubbing a scent into your skin breaks the molecular bond, making the scent weaker.


I have personally been wearing a niche brand called “Creed,” and it has taken some time for me to find the right fragrance for my natural body oil, which is Aventus and Green Irish Tweed. Visit to learn more about the brand, the rich history and use the scent finder on the site.


Keep up the good work!

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