Cut the Cord! Cordless Technology Now Delivers Cord-like Power, Speed and Reliability

There was a day when only corded tools delivered the power, speed and reliability needed by hair professionals. This is why the Andis Master® clipper and T-Outliner® trimmer earned top spots in the hearts of barbers worldwide. Today, the game has changed. Andis is cutting the cord and making a range of cordless tools like the new T-Outliner Cordless Li, Envy® Li and Supra ZR®. These deliver the same power, speed and reliability barbers need plus the cordless convenience.

The power of a tool is measured by its ability to easily cut through thick, wet hair. Corded detachable blade clippers like the Andis Excel Ultra®, have always been known as the most powerful option. Thanks to advancements in lithium-ion battery technology, cordless tools like the Supra ZR have higher blade speeds with equal torque.

The speed of a tool is measured by how many times a cutter blade moves from center to left or right. Traditionally, magnetic motor tools move faster than rotary motor tools -until now.  The new T-Outliner Cordless Lithium-Ion Trimmer operates at 7,200 blade strokes per minute, matching the speed of the iconic Andis corded T-Outliner. The fast-moving blades of the T-Outliner produce crisp, clean lines and designs.

The reliability of a tool is measured by its ability to last and deliver the same amount of power over time. The first generation of cordless tools were characterized by gradual power loss during use because of using NiCad batteries. With the new lithium-ion powered tools, reliability and consistent power are now standard.

After several years, and a steady progression in technology, cordless tools have finally caught up to the unmatched qualities of corded tools. The best benefit of this technological advancement is cordless convenience – no tangling cords, less clutter at the work station and they are easy to travel with.

My top three favorite cordless tools are the Andis Envy Li, Supra ZR, and the new T-Outliner Cordless Li. The new cordless T-Outliner Li features a lithium-ion battery with an industry-leading three hours of run time. Andis engineers also gave it new constant speed motor technology which means it won’t drag or stall in thick hair. Those barbers who like the familiar feel and performance of the corded T-Outliner will love the new cordless version. See it at your authorized Andis dealer.

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