Difference Between Female Acne and Male Acne

Many people think that there is not a difference between female acne and male acne, but that is not the case. Acne flare-ups are caused by various factors, and men and women experience different breakouts.

Men produce much more of the hormone testosterone than women, which makes male skin thicker and oilier than women’s skin. Oily and thick skin increases skin inflammation. In addition, men have more facial hair than women. Facial hairs trap oil and result in the growth of bacteria that causes pimples and acne, and acne cysts breakouts.

Typically, men are more likely to get acne during puberty. Plus, men are likely to develop severe inflammation of the skin. Normally, acne symptoms go away by the time males reach their mid-twenties. In contrast to men, women tend to see an increase in acne between the ages of twenty to forty.

Hormones accelerate skin cell growth, which increases the amount of dead skin cells that block the pores and can cause acne breakouts. Plus, hairs block the pores and increase acne flare-ups. Moreover, oxygen levels decrease when pores are blocked and acne-causing bacteria develops.

The production of sebum or oil also differs in men and women. Sebum production is higher in males due to the fact that their sebaceous glands are more active than women’s. Plus, men tend to have more and larger pores than women, which often lead to longer lasting acne and worse cases of acne than women. In addition, the pH level is lower in men, which increases impurities and makes their skin prone to acne blemishes.

Despite the difference between female acne and male acne, the treatment of acne is similar for both men and women. Men and women should use antibiotics that will help control bacteria. Plus, products that contain vitamin A that can help unclog pores should be used to treat acne. In addition, both men and women should use medications that reduce inflammation and help reduce acne pimples.

Women and men should exfoliate their skin daily to get rid of dead skin cells and should use products that contain benzoyl peroxide that will reduce bacteria and the amount in hair follicles. Products that contain salicylic acid should also be used to help unclog pores and clarify the skin.

For best results, men and women should wash their face twice a day with a mild cleanser that is formulated for oily skin types. This decreases oil in the skin and reduces acne pimples. Plus, men and women should use a moisturizer that is oil-free to help unclog their pores.

Men must be careful when they shave and not nick or irritate their skin, which could cause an acne flare-up. For best results, men should use an electric razor because it will cause less irritation to the skin.

The key to clear and acne-free skin for both women and men is to wash their skin daily, and to apply products that will lessen the amount of clogged hair follicles and that will help reduce the level of oil production in the skin.


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Joshep Fonseka is a contributing writer to Articlesbase.com.

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