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First, follow me on instagram, @tonsorialtimes, and my #hashtag is #tonsorialtimes. Now, did you know that for decades the #hashtag symbol was more commonly referred to as the pound sign? In recent years, this seemingly ordinary symbol evolved into greater significance in our modern world, slowly but surely being dominated by social media. So, if you want to connect with over 160,000 barbers please follow a hashtag my partner John Dillard developed, #barbersinctv, and to view our page go to instagram @barbersinctv or @teamfyc

The growth and use of #hashtags has grown to such tremendous popularity that the use of this symbol has become associated or even synonymous to trends and discussions in social media. This provides a wonderful tool and opportunity for business owners and digital marketers to boost the strength and effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign. Question: As a beauty and barber supplier, do you have a social media marketing campaign strategy in place? What are the benefits?

Here are some social media platforms where you can find barbers and stylist to market your brand and products to:


Instagram is a social network that a steadily growing number of users are going gaga about. It is one that is making use of hashtags to provide businesses with an effective tool for influencing and creating brand followers.


Twitter, of course, is where hashtags became first used and where they are still very prevalent. They provide a remarkable tool for delivering highly targeted brand messages for brands and businesses using Twitter for social media marketing.


Facebook. It took a while for Facebook to catch on the hashtag craze, even after they incorporated its use back in June 2013. And of course you know Facebook owns Instagram so make sure you develop a robust Instagram page.


Pinterest is a fast-growing social network that has already joined the hashtag bandwagon. Make sure you get on board!


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