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There are so many items you can carry at your OTC that aren’t liquid hair products, wigs or extensions. You can offer scarves, accessories, shoes, an expanded inventory of hair tools, and tons of skincare and beauty products. The question, however, is which products should you invest in? This will depend heavily on your shoppers and location. If your shop is the only store that not only carries multicultural hair products but is also far from a convenience, drug or clothing store, that may be a great opportunity for you to supply the items your customers need. Save your shoppers a car ride and keep these categories of general merchandise in mind for your next purchase at Jinny Beauty Supply.

Shoes and Clothing
Leggings and one-size-fits-most tunics are great starting points for clothing options in-store. The key is to keep your size range small and look for trendy prints and fabrics that stretch. You’d be surprised how quickly customers will grab a garment when they don’t have time to go to the nearest clothing store. Flip flops and bedazzled summer shoes are also a great way to increase your unit per transaction. But if delving into the world of fashion is a bit intimidating, start with stylist hair scarves and caps that can protect the hair and be worn out and about, like the Dream World Stocking Wave Cap or the Brittny Coopy Net in a fun color.

Hair Tools
This is a given. You have to have combs, brushes, bobby pins and accessories on hand. But it’s great to have variations of this category to keep your customers’ interest. For example, don’t just offer two basic brushes, give your customers some variety. We’d suggest stocking up on unique and attractive brushes like the Brittny Wood Cushion Brush.

Skincare & Cosmetics
So many of your favorite brands are venturing into skincare, and you should, too. While oils and facial cleansers may not be seen as general items, the tools used to administer these products certainly are. Cotton swabs, Q-tips, application brushes are the perfect accessory items to go with your shoppers’ favorite beauty products. Some of the easiest items to stock up on are makeup sponges and other cosmetic applicators like these Brittny Cosmetic Blending Sponges with Long Handles and Face Essential Brush Sets.

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