Finishing a Cut with Style


To finish a cut with “style” means more than just the flair your hairstyle possesses. It really means to cut the hair with the end result in mind and then execute a great style. Many times, a mistake people make is to rely only on the cutting tools to create their hair masterpiece. However, before the cut even begins you should envision the finished style and consider the hair cutter’s second best friend….a great blow dryer with a concentrator.

For example, take many of today’s popular styles where the desired look for the crown of the client’s head is full volume or exaggerated texture resembling the feathers on a duck’s wings. To create this look, step one would be to create texture with secondary cutting techniques such as point cutting, razor cutting or channel cutting—techniques that can all be done with an Andis detachable blade clipper equipped with an UltraEdge® T-24 blade. My personal favorite is the Andis BGR+®. Note that this look can’t be achieved if you do not preserve enough hair during cutting.

Step two would be air forming to create volume and accentuate the texture cut into the hair. When air forming, my favorite tools are my Andis Pro Dry+™ dryer and a medium-sized vented brush. With various, simultaneous movements of my dryer and brush, I can bring a cut and style to life and give my client the desired popular looks he or she wants. And because the air forming done with the dryer creates the style, I won’t need as much styling product to lock that style in. You can see this technique being performed in the Pompadour how-to video in the American Legacy Collection from Andis.

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