Five Reasons Men are Waxing Today (and What They are Waxing)


According to IBISWorld, an independent research firm, the waxing and nail salon market in American is an $11 billion per year segment. It’s also growing at nearly eight percent each year. One reason for the growth is that men are tapping into the art of waxing and coming out smoother than ever. Some call it ‘manscaping’ while others call it following the celebrity trends. Either way, the art of men getting waxed is here, and it’s here to stay.

“Men today are getting waxed for a variety of reasons,” explains Katherine Goldman, celebrity waxologist and owner of the Stript Wax Bar. “It’s been a growing trend for several years and it’s just becoming increasingly more popular. The more men that learn about their waxing options, the more that opt to have it done.”

Here are five reasons why men are opting for being waxed today:

  1. Aesthetics. Most men who get waxed do so because many people like the way it looks. Waxing offers a smooth and clean look that the men themselves prefer. Many men and women alike feel that men look sexier when they have been waxed.
  2. Feel. There are some men who have a lot more hair on their body than others. There are many men who seek waxing services to try to minimize that, which helps them to feel better and be more confident. The waxing helps to make them look great, as well as feel confident.
  3. Preferences. Some men get waxed because there are women who prefer the non-hairy look. If they have a wife, girlfriend, or significant other who prefers the waxed look, then there is a good chance they will opt to have it done regularly.
  4. Careers and interests. There are many men who are waxed because they need to be for work purposes, or they are bodybuilders who want to showcase the hard work they have been doing. There are many male actors, athletes, performers, entertainers and bodybuilders, who wax on a regular basis.
  5. To understand. There are men who try waxing so that they can gain a better understanding of the process that the women in their life go through. It gives them a new perspective on what is involved in looking great and keeping up on it.


“We help men look sexier every day and we love that we can take part in doing that,” added Goldman. “There are waxing options for every man and every situation. It’s an art that is here to stay.”

Waxing treatment options at Stript Wax Bar include waxing the brow, nose, ears, chest, arms, back, stomach and genital area (called a BROzillian for men).


*Source: IBISWorld. Personal waxing & nail salons in the U.S. Market Research Report.

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