Focus on Men

The spotlight is on you, men! That’s right; your customers who are often somewhat overshadowed by the hair dyes, curling irons, barrettes, hair rollers, makeup and fingernail polish of this beauty industry are getting a little attention. This month we have showcased an array of products that lean a little to the masculine side.









Bye-Bye Razor Bumps

Finish off every shave with the product designed to visibly reduce the look of bumps – SoftSheen-Carson’s Magic Bump Rescue After-Shave Gel. Formulated with Vitamin C and Caffeine, this oil-free gel will leave skin feeling hydrated, visibly smooth and smelling distinctively handsome.







Napping Gel

Allow us to introduce the new all-purpose conditioning gel that can be used on all natural haircuts – Nappy Styles Napping Gel. It delivers a natural shine and easy manageability to hair without greasiness or stiffness. Promote healthy, soft hair and leave it with a vibrant sheen.









It’s a Miracle

Formulated to help maintain a moisturized, soft and nicely groomed beard, the OKAY Men Professional Beard Miracle Oil is a must-have for all of your facial hair flaunters. This product is formulated with nutrient-rich natural oils that are quickly absorbed by the hair. It is great for strengthening and growing healthy hair.










Trust the Beard Guyz

Keeping facial hair clean is imperative, but it doesn’t stop at with the beard. Caring for the skin underneath is just as vital. The Beard Guyz Daily Wash 35 is formulated with 35 natural and organic ingredients to clean beards and skin of the oils and impurities that occur during the day. It’s gentle enough for everyday use, keeping all beard types clean and soft.










Cool Shave Gel

Put your best face forward with Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel. Formulated with Menthol for sensitive skin, this dermatologist tested product yields a rich, creamy lather that helps prevent skin irritation while shaving. Perfect for use on bald heads and faces, this gel improves razor glide while soothing and protecting skin.







Shape Up

Dax Hair Shaper is a versatile hair cream/paste that has the ability to create the most exceptional styles. This product provides a medium hold and can be used to scrunch, mold, slick and style hair.










The Master Aftershave

It may be a common step in every shaving routine, but this aftershave is anything but ordinary…it’s the Master. Master Well Comb’s Master Bay Rum provides users with the classic scent they’ve come to love and the ability to cool, freshen and soothe skin that they can’t live without.









Skin Care Anywhere

Skin moisturization is important for both men and women, and even on-the-go! Palmer’s understands this and provides your customers with the opportunity to stock up on mini bottles of their fast absorbing moisturizer, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Men. Users can combat rough, dry skin all over the body and face, wherever they go. The convenient size (available in this handy POP container) is perfect for gym bags, car compartments and more.









Jam On

Waves, locks, twists…Ampro ProStyl’s Shine ‘n Jam Regular Hold Conditioning Gel is honestly great for any style your customers desire. Free of alcohol, parabens and silicones, this moisturizing and non-flaking gel has a firm, non-greasy hold. The enhanced formula helps promote hair growth with natural Echinacea!












Cleanse with Charcoal

Regardless of how long or short your hair is, women and men alike should all condition their tresses regularly. The Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Deep Conditioner is a super-moisturizing, clarifying treatment that will nourish and soften all hair types (including color treated hair). Charcoal works to absorb impurities and help restore hair to its natural radiance. Display contains 12 packs.





Tame Wild Manes

Your male customers’ hair might not be too long, but we all know how wild hair can look when styles grow out a bit. That’s where the Wahl Leopard Designer Professional Vibrator Clipper comes in handy. Designed to cut wet or dry hair utilizing high precision blades and a variable taper level for a variety of hair types, this tool has it all.

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