Get ahead of the growing lace wig demand and increase revenue for your store

Now more than ever, Lace Wig consumers are looking to local Beauty Supply stores to purchase their next Lace Wigs amidst viral trends and the current state of our economy. Most Lace Wig consumers have become their own beauticians and store owners are guaranteed to see an increase in not only tools and products, but also Lace Wig Units. We’ve got the Top 6 concerns of Lace Wig consumers when purchasing to be sure your store and staff are best prepared to assist your customers.


1) Lace Size Matters- Unlike the previous demand of Full Lace Wigs featuring lace all around, Closure Wigs and Lace Front Wigs in the common sizes of 13×4 and 13×6 are the new go to allowing just enough space for styling, easier maintenance, and less fragility ensuring longevity!

2) Comfortable Wig Please! Consumers are now shopping for comfortability with every Lace Wig purchase! Lace Wigs that feature straps, clips, and bands to allow Glue-less installation, easy adjustments to reduce tension and the option to remove at night are sure to win your Lace Wig Consumers over every time!

3) Undetectable Wig Appearances – No one wants everyone to know they’re wearing a wig. Consumers rely heavily on Lace Wig Tinting and Concealing Products to create a seamless Lace Wig appearance. It is not only important to stock products that mimic realistic skin tones but to also be sure your staff are equipped to provide recommendations to match your customers skin tones.

4) Keep the Lace In Place – One of the Most important purchases, immediately after the wig, are the Adhesives to secure the Lace Wigs. Assist your customers by recommending Adhesives that: 1) fit their desired style time (temporary or long-term) 2) will sustain even during the most hot and humid climates and lastly, 3) a Glue-less Adhesive Alternative for those who struggle with skin sensitives and are simply against wearing Lace Wig Glue.

5) Natural Hair Protection – Under Wig Care has become a rising priority for Lace Wig Consumers as most have experienced losing edges, broken/damaged hair, and tension alopecia due to lack of product availability. This is not only a great opportunity to upsell on products but to ensure a better Lace Wig Experience for your customers by providing Healthier options such as Adhesive removers, Glue-less Alternatives, Oil-Free Hair Growth products and Natural Hair Care Systems for Wig wearers.

6) On Trend Regardless – Despite the condition of the Economy, consumers are still being influenced and even more so in the Lace Wig Industry. Most Wig Gurus, Celebrities and Consumers aren’t just relying on products from large brands, they’ve become hip to and more dependent on products from much smaller brands through viral trends and challenges that have proven to be effective for lace wig wearers. If not already, now is the time for store owners to stay on top of trends and rising brands to increase revenue amidst demand.

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