Getting the Edge on 2017 with Great Natural Styles

If 2016 is any indication of what’s going on with natural hair, the forecast for 2017 is more of the same. Besides being healthier and easier to maintain, women are learning that they don’t have to wear the same style day after day. Going natural means going versatile and the ladies are changing their hairstyles as often as they change their hats.

Two hairstyles that are becoming more popular are the bantu knots and two-strand twists. Both styles are easy to maintain and can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the hair length and the wearer’s degree of boldness.

Everyone doesn’t want to wear their hair freestyle, and they find that the long, smooth style suits them just fine.

Up-dos and puffs made the scene in 2016 and you can expect to see them in a variety of colors with a lot of fun and sexy accessories in 2017.

Sometimes, all of the various styles can cause stress on the hair and thinning of the edges. It could happen because of too much blow-drying, locs or braids twisted too tight, wearing a wig cap too long, or tight ponytails. The good news is there are products that can address thinning hair. One very effective hair growth product is Groganics® with the DHT blocker system. DHT is a metabolite that can cause male and female hair loss. Groganics® uses saw palmetto to stop DHT growth, while it also creates an environment where hair can grow unaffected by harmful metabolites. Besides saw palmetto, Groganics® also contains ingredients such as chamomile, oat seed extract and vitamins.

The newest Groganics® product is Revita-Edge. This amazing product strengthens and smoothes edges while causing a woman’s over-worked, over-stressed edges to make a dramatic comeback.

Be sure to share this good news with your customers, so they can ring in the New Year with any great style they want without having to worry about camouflaging those thinning edges.

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