Gotha Cosmetics won the Make Up in Los Angeles IT Award in the Formulation category for It’s Waterdrop Eye Stick.

Gotha Cosmetics won the Make Up in Los Angeles IT Award in the Formulation category for its Waterdrop Eye Stick. The IT Awards Competition showcases the most innovative cosmetics among the innovations presented during the Los Angeles event.

The Waterdrop Eye Stick has an innovative formula that transforms a jelly stick into an ultra-sparkling layer of color and dazzling pearls, and it’s also gentle on the skin.

Another Gotha product was among the finalists of the Formulation category: the Midnight Cosmic. The eyeshadow has a unique and surprisingly transforming texture that offers an unmatched multi-color
effect for a real wow factor.

Highlights your gaze into an ultra-reflecting color!
Uncomparable ultra-sparkling effect
Fresh-effect in a single sweep
Radiant veil of metallic

Unmatchable multi-chrome effect for your eyes!
WOW effect: unique and surprising transforming texture
Multi-color effect
Gently rub to show multi-reflecting pearls

The unstoppable force of innovation
Established with a global footprint and with a deep-rooted background in beauty, Gotha Cosmetics is the partner of the most innovative, fastest-growing beauty brands worldwide thanks to its global presence.

In the last two years Gotha has significantly consolidated its supply chain and geographic expansion to strengthen its role as a leading, one-stop cosmetic manufacturer. Gotha’s commitment is to add value to its business and the ones of its partners to scale up and expand while investing in innovation and technology. The constant drive for innovation enables to meet changing consumer demands, incorporate scientific advancements and stay ahead of trends

Gotha Cosmetics presented at Make Up in Los Angeles a new wave of innovation dedicated to reinventing beauty, to celebrate and rediscover uniqueness. Beauty products are increasingly becoming a means of self-expression, thus people use makeup to express their individuality, creativity and personal style. Acknowledging and celebrating diverse beauty standards is a key aspect of Gotha’s consumer-centric vision. This involves offering a wide range of products that cater to different skin tones, types, and cultural backgrounds. The new collection presented by Gotha collectively reflects the evolving preferences of modern consumers who value self-expression and authenticity, emphasizing personalization, innovation, and a deeper connection between individuals and the products they use. Ilaria Prencipe, Gotha Cosmetics Global Product Development Manager & US Marketing: “We will showcase beauty products that encourage experimentation and playfulness, allowing individuals to explore different looks and styles and break away from traditional norms.”

Gotha Cosmetic is a leading Italian contract manufacturer in color cosmetics that achieved rapid growth since its creation in 2005, as a spin-off of a high-end skincare company. Today it is partner to the most innovative, fastest-growing beauty brands worldwide, inspiring them with innovative, disruptive Make-up products through which they can engage, delight and surprise the final consumers.

Gotha is based close to Milan and has sales and marketing offices in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Suzhou and Shanghai. The company has strong credibility in formulation and accountability in delivering the best service to its clients: its value system is built around customer centricity, agility, and service excellence, allowing them to create long-term partnerships.


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