Hair Repair Among the List of Seminar Topics at in-Cosmetics North America

in-cosmetics North America
Seminar: Hair Repair & Protection: What Works Best?
Where: The Javits Center in New York, NY
When: October 11-12, 2017
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Belinda Carli

NEW YORK – in-cosmetics North America will return to New York City on October 11-12, featuring a new Marketing Trends program that will showcase a lineup of industry experts from  Euromonitor International, Mintel, Kline and Peclers. Among these speakers is Belinda Carli, the Director of Institute of Personal Care Science – Australia’s premier cosmetic product and personal care training Institute.

Carli’s presentation – Hair Repair & Protection: What Works Best? – is among many sessions to be offered to attendees and will be one visitors won’t want to miss. The seminar will be chock full of relevant information regarding heat protection, says Carli.

“My presentation came out of my desire to find a product that really delivers on its promises of heat protection without impacting on the ability to hold the style,” she says. “What I found was a few materials that not only enable this but my ultimate favorite that provides superior protection and incredibly resilient and flexible styling. I’m a cosmetic chemist but I also have long, blonde hair and regularly heat style it. Who better to comment on materials that enable heat protection, superior performance and formulation ease?”

Carli holds a bachelor’s degree in natural therapies, a diploma of cosmetic science, and a certificate in training and assessment. She’s also written five books on cosmetic and organic color formulations and brand management. Her session will share the recent advancements in the industry, such as raw materials suppliers improving their ability to provide materials that address persistent damage from heat styling.

“The first part of the presentation is about materials that are actually activated by the heat to provide their protection during styling. The second part of the presentation focuses on materials that repair the hair once the damage is done,” she says, adding that the latter would relate more to products such as shampoo or conditioner that have an impact on hair repair but not the styling itself.

The data comes from Carli’s testing on her own hair and the tresses of her assistant, who is of Asian descent. She sampled eight different heat protection materials and styled the hair afterward with straight and curly styles in controlled-temperature and humid environments. She’ll not only share her findings and favorite heat protectants, but she’ll also showcase her findings with photos.

“I’ll be showing you pictures of the results after four hours, as well as with SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images showing how well the materials protected our hair and how they held the style,” Carli says. “Not only will I be showing the results on the screen, my hair will be styled on the day of with my favorite material. There’s nothing like seeing is believing.”

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