Hair Scandals in the Work Place

As we anticipate the fall season premiere of the hit television series “Scandal,” we cross our fingers that the powerful, leading, black, female character Olivia Pope uses her power—not to fix a scandalous situation or lure her leading man in to save her, but to make a hair statement that needs to be made amidst a flurry of, unfortunately, real hair controversies in the work place.

Women around the world are being written up, sometimes even being considered ineligible for employment because employers seem to think they have the right to tell a woman how she can and cannot style her hair—including whether it can be worn naturally or not.

According to TIME Magazine, some military branches including the Army, Air Force and Navy, have recognized that women of color should be able to wear traditional hairstyles without their level of professionalism being affected since 2014. But why is it that to this day, women are being given written notices about their natural curls and are being told they need to reconsider their natural hairstyles before beginning a new position? Why is it that Olivia Pope, the fixer of all scandals, only wears her natural hair when she is secluded, but never in front of the press or a client?

The issue in itself is not that wearing natural hair versus styled or relaxed hair is better or the right thing to do, but that women should have the right to make that decision on their own, without their competency at work being questioned. Gold ’N Hot has been dedicated to hair diversity for over 50 years, which is why we offer a number of products to help you get through your work week, regardless of which way YOU decide to wear your hair.


For women who have chosen to embrace their natural curls, we offer a variety of hard hat dryers with various heat and speed settings to help set any hairstyle. Additionally, our Gold ’N Hot Professional Conditioning Heat Cap is not only compact, but has 3 heat settings and is thermostatically controlled to set any moisturizing or conditioning treatments to help keep your natural curls shiny, soft and bouncy.


However, some women like to change up their look occasionally or on an everyday basis. Gold ’N Hot tools are made specifically to retexturize any hair in its natural state. The Gold ’N Hot 1” and 2” Professional Ceramic Straightening Irons heat up to 450°F with a rheostat temperature control to lower the temperature to adjust to any hair type.


A great alternative for women who want to add a little definition to their natural look is the Gold ’N Hot 3/8” 24K Gold Professional Spring Iron. With an impressive high heat of up to 500°F, this curling iron can quickly touch up your everyday natural look in seconds. These irons are great for hair that is styled often because the ceramic plates distribute heat evenly for fast styling and seal in moisture—leaving your hair shiny, silky-soft and frizz-free with minimal damage.

Throughout the seasons, we have been able to catch more and more screen time of Olivia’s natural tresses in sporadic scenes of “Scandal,” which gives us hope that the leading woman is making her way to making her public debut with natural locks. It’s time for THE fixer to prove once and for all that she can fix any scandal, regardless of the way her tresses bounce. Any woman can get a job done just as well—with or without a head full of luscious locks!



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