Heating up your Holiday Hair

Who wants beautiful hair? The simple answer is: Everyone does!

During the holidays it becomes extra-vital that we’re ready for all the seasonal festivities—office parties, family gatherings, neighborhood celebrations and much more.

The challenge is that this goal takes a lot of time, effort, patience and the correct tools! Whether your routine is daily, weekly or hit and miss, even with all the time and patience in the world, you will still not get the best results unless you have the best tools.

Knowing what tools you need, and how best to use them, is the key to showing off your best hair when you need it the most. While you know your hair better than anyone, there are some things common to all hair types that will keep you from flopping when you want to be flipping.


Put the Bonnet on It

First up, we have the Gold ’N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment. This invaluable device keeps us out from under the hard hat, travels well (for those holiday trips) and extends the benefit of the blow dryer we attach it to! The Jet Bonnet has a hose that attaches to most hand-held dryers. Using an ionic blow dryer like the Gold ’N Hot Professional 1875 Watt Ionic® Dryer with the bonnet will dry your hair in about half the time while using less heat. The bonnet is designed for even heat distribution, making it great for use with your conditioning treatment. It allows for placement over curlers and provides all the benefits of heating and curling.

For those looking for a more styled look, the Gold ’N Hot line also includes thermal appliances that can change your natural hair texture.


Keep Things Straight

Much of our angst comes from the lack of knowledge about tools, the positives they provide, and what we can do to keep those positives from becoming negatives.

While the more inexpensive irons may appear to be getting the job done, they are likely to be triggering long-term damage. A ceramic straightening iron like the Gold ’N Hot Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron in 3/8”, 1” or 1.5” is a terrific choice. It features ceramic technology and seals in conditioning while distributing heat evenly to keep hair from overheating.

Individual hair needs individual heat settings. Great styling is based on many factors—like hair type, processing, and going “natural”—so it’s best to select an iron that has a rheostat that allows you to adjust the settings to fit your hair’s unique characteristics.


The Crowning Success

Finally, let’s talk about the “crowning” tool in the Gold ’N Hot line—the Gold ’N Hot 24K Gold Pressing and Styling Comb. This tool is what will make the difference between good and great. It’s the go-to appliance for those times when you absolutely, positively need a quick, guaranteed, beautiful coiffure. Multiple temperatures (up to 500°) for multiple hair types ensure you won’t go wrong with this versatile comb. It is the miracle tool that lifts, straightens, and provides long-lasting style, so you can hit that holiday party and dance all night. If you don’t already own it, run, don’t walk, to get one today!


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