Holiday Gifts

With the holidays approaching, the need to find the perfect gift for that special someone in the lives of your customers peaks. This also creates an opportunity for your salespeople to suggest to customers the perfect gift for their loved ones. Below are a few clipper-related gift suggestions that could help meet your customers’ needs, while helping your employees close the sale.


The trend for male grooming has grown from clean shaven chins to neatly trimmed goatees and various lengths of finely groomed beards. Modern male grooming in between visits to the barbershop includes electric shavers, clippers and trimmers to help maintain clean looks.


Suggestion #1 – Andis Profoil™ Li Shaver

This shaver is for the man with a goatee or moustache that still desires a clean shaven face. It’s a lithium-ion powered rechargeable shaver with specially designed independent foils that create razor-close shaves without the razor burn. The perfect companion to the Andis Profoil Li Shaver would be Andis BumpCare, a liquid solution that helps eliminate bumps caused from ingrown hairs and soothe irritation from razor burn.


Suggestion #2 – Andis SuperLiner™ Trimmer with Shaver Attachment

This trimmer is for the guy who is comfortable outlining his own facial hair and desires a close shave, too. The SuperLiner’s T-blade trimmer attachment will deliver clean, close and comfortable outlining. For those wanting a closer finish, the shaver attachment will shave the stubble down to baby-smooth skin. The Andis SuperLiner offers incredible value because it’s two tools in one!


Suggestion #3 – Andis T-Outliner® Trimmer

This trimmer would be ideal for the man whose skin can’t take a razor-close shave or has a full beard and desires to keep his cheeks shaven. The T-Outliner has been used by professionals and consumers alike for years to shave and outline facial hair. In fact, Steve Harvey recently shared with his viewers that he uses the T-Outliner to dry-shave his face and avoid bumps. And the perfect companion for all of the suggested tools above would be Cool Care Plus® which offers the required blade care and maintenance for years of clean shaving.


During the holiday shopping season I would suggest your store employ one of these three ways to highlight the tools mentioned above:

  1. Move these tools to highly visible locations
  2. Make signage to highlight tools
  3. Have a staff briefing to ensure these gift ideas are added to their sales pitch


These suggested tools potentially solve the needs of your customers and will be great gifts. For more information about the tools mentioned above, visit

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