How should you sell it?

This month’s selling focus is… Leave-In Conditioners and Detanglers

These days, everyone knows that there’s more to hair care than a
shampoo and conditioner. There are still a lot of hair concerns to address once the hair has been cleansed. That’s when leave-ins and detanglers come in handy. Leave-in conditioners are used to seal in moisture, while detanglers assist with ridding the hair of knots and tangles. Occasionally, both solutions can be found in one product. But one thing is for sure; these are necessary items for many of your customers.

How should I sell leave-in conditioners and detanglers?

“Today’s customers have many products in the OTC stores to choose from. One of these is an extension of the core shampoos and conditioners that shoppers rely on. These days, customers are looking for leave-in conditioners and detanglers that are offered through their favorite brands. These are used when the hair is damp or towel-dried and can be sprayed in the hair to condition and help with tangles. Many products can also be poured into the palms to be liberally applied it to the hair, from the roots to the ends. In most cases, these will allow combs, brushes and sponges to go through the hair smoother and more evenly. These will also help undo knots and tangles, add shine, relieve dry scalp and increase the body in the hair.

These will also help with hair breakage, making it healthier, more manageable, and tanglefree. Most of these are fine to use for color-treated hair, too. The detanglers and leave-ins, much like shampoos and conditioners, come in many scents like coconut, aloe, honey and many more. They are also available for kids.

Let your customers know about these items so that they can buy an extension product from their favorite brands. That way, they’ll improve their hair, and you’ll improve your sales!”

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