How to Revitalize Your Store and Attract New Business

The change in consumer hair styling to non-chemical and natural looks has caused a lull in beauty store volume. Furthermore, consumers noticing less hair damage are buying far less in hair attachments—real and synthetic, as well as less wig purchases.
This can cause a decrease in overall product sales in your store. What is the answer to this dilemma? Utilization of signage throughout the store!

Use creative signage to attract customer attention, and have space assigned to the following:
•    A “New Item Section” containing the newest products you carry
•    A “Consumer Value Section” featuring combo packs and bonus sizes. Be sure to add to and re-assign products as newer entries are available.
•    A “Travel and Trial Section” for consumer testing of affordable products prior to the purchase of a larger size product. These goods are excellent for travel, carrying in purses, and office use since they are sized for air travel approval.

Review your existing department sections and bring in new categories/departments to maximize customer impulse purchases. Amongst these categories are:

1. Clothing: Hosiery and leggings, belts, body stockings, lingerie, gloves, scarves, t-shirts, towels, socks and underwear, uniforms, hats, shoes, slippers, boots

2. Cosmetics: (These can come in economy, teen and premium categories.) Lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, mascara, liquid makeup, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow, lip treatments, eyelashes

3. Fragrance: Men’s and Ladies’ perfume and body oil, incense, air fresheners, body sprays, deodorants

4. Nail Care: Artificial nails, nail glue and remover, nail jewelry and decorations, emery boards, nail buffers, brushes, pumice stones, nail polish removers, nail treatments, hardener, quick dry, nail repair, finger and toe nail clippers, scissors

5. Manicure Tools: Bowls, orangewood sticks, cuticle and callous removers, nail machines, foot soap, foot files, pedicure cutlery

6. Skin Care: Cleansers, facial scrubs, body wash, astringent, soaps (regular and medicated) moisturizers, pressed powder, face cream, acne treatment, dark spot remover, cocoa butter treatments, skin toner, eye creams, hand creams

7. Hair Color: Permanent, semi-permanent, touch-up, peroxide/developer, color spray, powder lightener, cover your gray, color remover, henna

8. Appliances: (Economy and professional/electric and non-electric) Blow dryers, clippers, hair cutting kits, flat irons, curling irons, straightening combs, heating stoves, foot baths

9. Professional Sizes and Treatments: Gallons and pounds of shampoo crème and professional size relaxers

10. Baby and Young Mother: Shampoo, talc, baby oil, stretch mark treatment, children’s shampoo, conditioner, detanglers, relaxers

11. Phone Accessories: Home and car chargers, cases, telephone cords, credit card phones

12. Miscellaneous Accessories: Razors and blades, batteries, playing cards, lighters, umbrellas, hair magazines, costume jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, ankle bracelets, toe rings, tiara crowns), key chains, sunglasses, hand bags and purses, coin purses, watches, keychains

13. Hair Decorating and Styling Aids: Pony tail holders, barrettes, ribbons, pony rings, hair bonnets, beads, feathers, hair rollers, head wraps, hair clips, combs, headbands, rubber bands, hair pins (regular and decorative)

In order to revitalize the beauty store business, taking steps to stock the above items may take some time and effort, but will result in getting more customers to shop in these stores. Flyers can be sent out to customers announcing the categories of new items now being carried. Window signs and signage throughout the store announcing “See Our New Large Selection of Products and Accessories We Now Stock” can attract store traffic. The various categories can also be listed on this signage.
These new product and accessory sections will bring in extra sales not only for these items, but once the customer is in the store they will also want to purchase their usual beauty store items as well.



Ted Fishman, President of Ted Fishman & Associates, is an industry veteran who has dedicated his life to the betterment of the business. He can be reached through email at

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