How to Sell More Heat Protector Products When Selling Heat Appliances

Hair stylists and beauty experts agree that a heat protector product definitely helps protect hair from damage. A heat protectant adds moisture to hair, preventing the natural moisture from evaporating. It also forms a protective barrier over the hair cuticle on the hair strand which prevents heat damage and enables the hair to keep its shine.

There is an array of products available in the marketplace that are especially formulated to protect hair from heat appliances. There are sprays, creams, mists, etc. that are available. These products are designed to be used before using a heat appliance such as a blow dryer, flat irons, curling iron, etc.

A great opportunity is available to sell these heat protector products along with the heat appliances. Signage in the heat appliance section, telling the customer that products are available and recommended to be used in conjunction with heat appliances, is helpful. A section right near the heat appliance area should be devoted to heat protector products. Some vendors will even provide small 1 ounce samples of their products in “fishbowls” as samples for the consumer to try.

The opportunity is there. Every consumer who purchases a heat appliance should also purchase a heat protector product to go with it. Store personnel should suggest this if possible. The customer may only buy that blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc. once in a while, but they will come back to buy the heat protector product over and over again.

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