January 2015

CG_UpAllNight_Fan_Mani_KitChina Glaze® Introduces Fan Manicure Kits

Following the success of its Ombre, Galaxy and On the Dot nail art kits, China Glaze® introduces the next wave of “nail design made easy” with its new Fan Manicure Kits. Featuring random stripes in a mix of colors, fan manicures are a nail look that many covet but have not tried, mainly because the cost of a good fan brush can be quite high. Now China Glaze® makes falling in line with this bold and dramatic nail design trend incredibly easy and affordable.

Launching in January 2015 the China Glaze® Fan Manicure Kits include everything you need to create the ultimate brushed nail art look: four China Glaze® best sellers and a fan brush—all for one low price! Each kit also includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with images. Choose from two kits:

  • Turn It Up – Includes Turned Up Turquoise, Re-fresh Mint, White on White and Recycle
  • Up All Night – Includes Coconut Kiss, Shocking Pink, For Audrey and Up All Night

Here is how to create this sweeping effect manicure:

Step 1: Paint your nails with the lightest color and wait for it to dry completely.

Step 2: On a flat surface, drop a generous amount of the polish in separate puddles.

Step 3: Dip the tip of the fan brush into any of the three shades.

Step 4: With fan brush, paint lines across the nail in even strokes.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 and 4 with each shade, cleaning brush with polish remover between colors. For richer color, allow the polish to dry before brushing again; this will prevent any smudging.

Step 6: If needed, clean up all the excess using a sponge, brush or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 7: Finish with China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat to protect your design.

This look is meant to resemble organized chaos so let your creativity run wild by brushing the different shades on vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or all three. With the China Glaze® Fan Manicure Kits coloring outside the lines has never been more fun.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. Follow China Glaze® on Facebook (facebook.com/chinaglazeofficial), Twitter (@chinaglaze), Instagram (@chinaglazeofficial) and Pinterest (@chinaglaze).


Selfie Nation

Let your real skin shine through

Instagram and other social media apps have severely clouded the perception of reality when it comes to images and things we see on the Internet. Photo filters are able to change an image’s colors and contrast to enhance skin tones and appearances. Some even go to drastic measures and use programs and apps such as Photoshop or Magic Skin Filter. With all this deception, it seems like everyone has perfect skin!

This trend of idealizing perfect skin complexions leads to many feeling out of the loop when looking in the mirror. Truth is, no one’s skin is perfect or as perfect as Instagram would have you believe. When walking down the street you can still notice the covering of imperfections through makeup and concealers. Is there even a way to have flawless skin without hiding behind photo filters and makeup?

Yes! Skincare has come to great new lengths to improve skin complexion and remove dark spots, blemishes, and discolorations. Previously, in the skin care market, these products would only be targeted to Caucasian skin tones. However, as demand and ethnic diversity increases, more and more skin care products for people of darker skin tones begin to emerge.

One pertinent skincare company is Clear Essence Cosmetics, which produces a full range of products for the face and body. These products are all specially formulated for people of color and include cleansers, creams, gels, lotions and sunscreens. Their Medicated Fade Crème is among some of their most popular products and penetrates dark spots and scars to create an even skin tone. As opposed to magazines and social media pictures, no Photoshop enhancement will be necessary once you even out your skin tone with Clear Essence Skincare products!

So let your true skin shine through and stop applying photo filters to your social media images. Your skin doesn’t need any enhancement when you use skincare products that are formulated for your skin type! www.clearessence.com


DLA007 WaterproofBeautyBrush-pkgDLA007 WaterproofBeautyBrush

The Affordable Way to Beautiful, Glowing Skin!

The NEW! Waterproof Beauty Brush for smooth and soft skin!

The Waterproof Beauty Brush will reinvigorate the brightness and youthful appearance of your face and body. Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry, or acne prone pores, Diane’s Waterproof Beauty Brush accommodates all skin types.

This professional cleansing device features high and low speed settings for all over use on all sorts of skin. A simple attachment exchange makes for faster head-to-toe beautification. The Soft Brush attachment of micro-fine, tapered nylon bristles gently removes dirt and excess oil. Use this attachment with facial cleanser after a simple wash to smooth and remove dead skin cells. The Exfoliating Brush attachment is crafted with flat nylon bristles and offers greater tension to deeply clean pores and open them up for maximum absorption of products. The Diane Waterproof Beauty Brush’s ergonomic and water-resistant design makes it fit for the shower and can be used anywhere on the body to increase blood flow, release tension, and deter stress.

Gently and effectively transform your entire body cleansing routine with Diane. The Diane Waterproof Beauty Brush requires two AAA batteries, not included. www.frommbeauty.com


Coconut Lime Bar Soap

Kiss My Face® Founders Go Back to Their Roots: Soaps

Building the brand in the early 1980s on bar soap that they couldn’t keep in stock, the Kiss My Face® founders are going back to their roots with the introduction of Pure Coconut Milk Bar Soaps, a new breed of bars that are as pure and hydrating as their predecessor, the original Olive Oil Bar Soaps. Containing 86% pure coconut—including coconut milk and coconut oil, which are known for their intense moisturizing properties—skin is transformed and the senses transcended.

Made with gentle 100% natural ingredients, the Pure Coconut Milk Soap cleanses, hydrates and nourishes skin. Putting the lime in the coconut, Pure Coconut Milk Soap with Lime Peel—twisted with real lime peels—offers the same benefits, as well as superbly natural exfoliation, leaving limbs soft and smooth.

Free of parabens, phalates and SLS, these coconut-citrus fragranced soaps are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive that require an extra delicate touch.

For a tropical escape and indulgence all winter long, get back to basics with Kiss My Face Bar Soaps. Go nuts™! www.kissmyface.com

Kiss My Face Pure Coconut Milk Bar Soaps

  • Natural, moisturizing soaps suitable for all skin types
  • Formulated with only seven ingredients including 86% pure coconut to soften, moisturize and clean
  • Proven to naturally nourish and hydrate
  • Non-GMO approved and free of foamers, artificial colors and additives
  • All natural and cruelty free
  • Available in Super Moisturizing Pure Coconut Milk and Super Exfoliating Pure Coconut Milk with Lime Peel


Flowery Swedish Clover Crystal Fot FilFlowery Has Bloomed Again!

Introducing the Swedish Clover Crystal Fot Fil

That’s right, beauty gurus, Flowery has expanded the legendary Swedish Clover Fot Fil line with an all-new translucent blue Crystal Fot Fil! No slippin’ and slidin’ with this must-have foot beautifier. Sleek grip curvatures added to the file provide secure finger hold functionality to ensure optimal foot smoothing. The raved about Original Red Fot Fil and Gray Comfort Grip Fot Fil are still available for our nail pro’s out there, and all Swedish Clover Fot Fils come with a 5-year guarantee. (Pssst…some of our customers have even had them for 10+ years!) www.flowery.com

Features and benefits:

  • A sleek new translucent look!
  • Swedish Clover – THE foot file renown for serious sole softening
  • Double-sided- smoothes in one use
  • Secure finger hold functionality


 PBA logo


PBA Leadership Appointments for the 2014/2015 Term

Scott Buchanan continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is proud to announce changes to its Board of Directors and Advisory Councils for the 2014/2015 term, which began September 1, 2014. PBA’s Board and Councils are comprised of highly respected beauty professionals who volunteer their time to advance PBA and the industry at large.

Scott Buchanan, owner of the Scott J Salons & Spas, will continue to lead the PBA Board of Directors as Chair while Reuben Carranza, President of Luxury Brand Partners, remains as Vice Chair.

“I am honored to be continuing my term and to be able to serve with so many distinguished industry leaders who volunteer their time for the betterment of our industry. This year we will grow together and build on the benefits PBA provides to our industry and all beauty professionals,” said Buchanan.

Also serving on the Board are Harlan Kirschner (Kirschner Group), Rowena Yeager (Studio Wish Salon), Renee Shakour (Interiors by RG Shakour), Graciela Santiler-Nowik (Hair Base Salon & Spa), Kevin Barrett (Fromm International), Oliver Steinnagel (Oliver’s Hair Salon), Cynthia Heisser (Ultimate Beauty Companies), Beth Hickey (Spa Specialties Representatives), Edwin Neill III (Neill Corp), and Mark Goodman (The Hair-Designers).

Leaving the Beauty Professional/NCA Council is Sandra Holland (Head Liners Salon & Spa). Remaining on the Council are Marcia Bird (Raritan Valley Community College), Mark Goodman (The Hair Designers), Beth Hickey (Spa Specialties Representatives), Grace Santiler-Nowik (Hair Base Salon & Spa), and Peggy Sue Schmoldt (Academy of Cosmetology Arts, LLC). Newly elected Steven Porter (Industry Professional) will be joining the returning members.

Leaving the Distributor Council is Paul Gauvin (WS Beauty Supply). Remaining on the Council are Cynthia Heisser (Ultimate Beauty Companies), Edwin Neill III (Neill Corp), Brandon Ranney (Creative Salon Concepts), Renee Shakour (Interiors by RG Shakour), and Karl Sweis (SWEIS, Inc.). Newly elected Jennifer Almonte (Professional Salon Services) will be joining the returning members.

The Manufacturer Council remains the same and includes Kevin Barrett (Fromm International), Reuben Carranza (Luxury Brand Partners), Scott Hagstrom (Helen of Troy), Harlan Kirschner (Kirschner Group), Michael Riley (Scruples Professional Salon Products Inc.), and Colin Walsh (DevaCurl).

Leaving the Salon/Spa Council is Oliver Steinnagel. Remaining on the Council are Scott Buchanan (Scott J Salon & Spa), Bonnie Conte (Avalon Salon and Day Spa), Tiffany Conway (CoCo Cheveux Salon), Rowena Yeager (Studio Wish Salon), and Holly Zapata (KCharles & Company Salons).

PBA encourages industry professionals to join PBA and take an active role in the association. In addition to the Board of Directors and Advisory Councils, members are encouraged to volunteer on committees to support the association’s programs and initiatives. Learn more at probeauty.org.


Learn why Eco Cocktail line is a hit with Textured Hair Social Media Product Bloggers, and why this is important to OTC businesses.

Since Ecoco Inc. launched Eco Curl ‘N Styling Cocktail, a crème/curl definer/curl enhancer, in February 2013, there have been a multitude of online product reviews. Nearly 100% of NaturallyCurly.com power reviews have given Eco Cocktail a 5 “curl” rating. In editorial print, the product has been recommend for all texture hair types by stylist-to-celebrities Ursula Stephens, who works with Rihanna, Kerry Washington and others through publications like Modern Salon. And, recently Eco Curl ‘N Styling Cocktail has been nominated for texture hair products of the year by Allure magazine.

Expanding on Eco Cocktail’s success, a Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum have been added to the line. Each are custom formulated for optimal textured hair results. Textured hair today encompasses kinky/coyly, to naturally wavy hair customers. The secret to the Eco Cocktail’s highly effective line of products is the perfect mix of key ingredients, starting with super fruit complexes that unlock the true potential of textured hair.

The new Eco Cocktail products help to restore moisture, smooth for greater control, and define unruly, curly and kinky hair. Per the 2013 Phoenix Marketing Textured Hair Trend Report, these are the three top attributes that textured hair customers look for in the products they buy: 94% look for sulfate free, moisturizing shampoos; 91% want a daily moisturizing/detangling conditioner; 54% use Styling Crème/Curl Definer/Curl Enhancer; 26.5% purchase serums; and the average monthly spend on styling products by texture hair types is $10. The new Eco Cocktail line hits high scores that answer the desired attributes for each product category.

Eco Cocktail provides OTC customers convenient “Cocktail and Go” products that deliver superior results for textured hair customers.

Ecoco Inc. is the proud maker of Eco Styler and other fine haircare products. Ecoco haircare products connect beauty and the environment with a mission to unleash individual style through products that care for your hair and the environment. Most all product ingredients are naturally derived, harvested from all parts of the world to deliver not only great personal style, but an improved lifestyle—all this at an incomparable value. www.ecocoinc.com


Sara Pirok


AACS 2014 – “A Peek Inside Your Students’ Minds”

At the AACS Annual Convention & Expo, Fromm’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sara Pirok, lead a class to over 100 attendees on ways to understand students more effectively and align innovation efforts to their needs. Fromm has occupied a unique position in the beauty industry, providing stylists with the most innovative tools influenced from stylist-based research since 1907. The company brought their consumer research team and the Fromm model to showcase ways to better understand students and stylists to increase the success of your business.

It is so important to understand the challenges of stylists and cosmetology students to ensure we are creating the right items. Throughout the process, a lot of evaluation and product testing occurs. The Fromm model focuses on three main areas: observation, focus groups and product testing. Sara reiterated that it is important to include stylists from chain and high-end salons, estheticians, barbers and cosmetology school teachers. She then went on to explain the four key generations of the beauty industry’s consumer market (Generation Z, The Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers) and their key features. The Generation Z is the next generation coming into beauty education. These prospective students have the highest IQ of any generation and have always been connected to the world through technology. It’s essential to understand who exactly these Generation Z (Digital Natives) prospects are if we are going to recruit them and teach them how to be successful in the beauty industry. Sara encouraged the audience to attain feedback from their students regularly and to face the tough issues in their establishments head on. Engage and learn from them just as they train and learn from your teachers and curriculum.

In preparation for this class, Fromm’s Consumer Research Team went out and surveyed over 200 cosmetology students, held focus groups and in-person interviews with students and teachers. www.frommbeauty.com


Wahl 19_Products
Photo Courtesy of Wahl Professional


Lay the Foundation for Great Style with Wahl ’19 Men’s Grooming Line

The foundation of great style must be laid with solid tools. Wahl ’19, an innovative new line for men, is your first means to healthy hair and artistic swagger.

Wahl has what is best for hair and skin completely under control. Wahl ’19 for men gives hair and skin exactly what it needs, along with the attitude and confidence that come from the most stringent credentials. All products in the Wahl ’19 line fall within the desired 4.5 to 5.5 pH range for hair to look its best and Wahl says so on every bottle.

“The thing everyone’s hair and skin have in common is pH,” said Lance Wahl, Director of Sales and Marketing, Wahl Clipper Corporation Professional Division. “The pH is universal and we have taken the time to formulate this product line to create hair and skin solutions that work for all clients. And barbers and stylists now have a high quality, multipurpose line of men’s products that will work on all hair and skin types.”

The new Wahl ’19 line contains four products – COMPLETE, CONTROL, NO STING and MORTAR.

COMPLETE is an over-all shampoo and body wash. For hair, COMPLETE is the ultimate shampoo that cleans dirty buildups and leaves hair with a fresh, invigorating scent. When applied as a body cleanser, it thoroughly cleans pores, eliminating odors in the process without drying, irritating or stripping essential oils and nutrients.

CONTROL is an all-in-one conditioner, grooming and shaving cream solution. CONTROL conditioner is infused with wheat proteins and amino acids that help restore damaged hair. As a grooming cream, it tames beards and softens skin. It’s so flexible that it makes for a great shaving cream alternative, offering a low-pH and alcohol-free formula that’s safe for all skin types.

Freshly-shaved skin deserves extra-special care. Enter NO STING, an alcohol-free astringent that moisturizes skin, closes pores and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

The style touch comes from MORTAR, a low-pH and alcohol-free product that protects hair.

“The attraction of a great men’s hairstyle is bold definition and extreme flexibility,” said Laura VanderMoere, Director of Education in the Professional Division at Wahl. “MORTAR protects hair from whatever is thrown at it. It can easily transition from a clean 9 to 5 business look to a more daring, edgy look for night. MORTAR is a matte finishing paste that is moldable and pliable yet provides the hair with superior hold they can run their hands through.”

Wahl has tested these products thoroughly and has seen incredible results for all hair and skin types. No matter the trends, healthy hair is always in style. For more information on Wahl ’19, please visit www.wahlpro.com.


photo 1
Team DNSGold rocking the Fromm Aprons while working on their client.


Watch the Beauty Battle on Discovery Fit & Health

Battle of the Strands has been brought to television screens across the country. The best and boldest talent in the beauty industry battled it out in the most extreme hair, makeup, nails and fashion competition in Las Vegas. All the grit, inspiration, determination and behind-the-scenes action was captured on camera by an award-winning Hollywood production team. The reality television series premiered on Discovery Fit & Health on Dec. 2. In four documentary-styled episodes, viewers can witness all the emotions, all the celebration and all the meltdowns from start to finish.

Fromm is a proud sponsor of the Battle of the Strands featured in this new program and will be featured in every episode, from the capes and aprons featuring the Fromm logo, to the wall of essential products, sponsored by Diane. For more information please visit http://www.globalbeautymasters.com/ and http://www.battleofthestrands.com/.

photo 2
Diane Bobby Pins were a hot item in most challenges! Teams had to keep running to the Beauty Wall to pick up more!

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