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The importance of keeping your men’s grooming tool selection fresh and up to date

Imagine walking into an Apple Store stocked with first generation iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Imagine if you never upgraded after your first “smart” phone. Imagine if you never got a new car…we all remember the tape deck auxiliary cord into the CD player days, and none of us miss that one bit! The times are moving forward and so should you and your tools. Thanks to social media, keeping up with the latest trends and tools is easier than ever. Just simply following @BarbershopConnect and @StylistShopConnect on Instagram will open the door to all of the newest trends happening in the barbershop, hair salon, and in the industry.

A lot of us tend to develop the “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and that works with a lot of things, but not your inventory. Although your equipment that you bought years ago may still work very well, tools do have a shelf life. Despite worrying signs that the men’s grooming category is suffering, manufacturers have increased their commitment to innovation and new product launches. Over the past two years, the US was the most active in terms of new product launches accounting for 21% of global new men’s grooming products according to Datamonitor Consumer’s Product Launch Analytics tool. We are now entering the cordless era powered by the highly efficient lithium ion rechargeable battery. Going cordless not only adds to the allure of the salon, but also is sure to make the stylist fall in love at first use!

2016 was the year men finally realized that products were a worthwhile investment! As reported by The Independent, many popular men’s product retailers have reported immense growth in sales in men’s grooming products as much as 300% in 2015. With over 52% of men considering their look to be important or very important, the industry is rapidly growing. Because of this shift in approach, it has been reported that 75% of males buy their own grooming products. In 2016 the Men’s grooming industry was estimated to garner $21 billion in revenue. Men are starting to get more and more knowledgeable about beauty and are paying attention to their looks: hair care products are the biggest beneficiary, with salon visits coming second.” With men’s hair trends constantly evolving from season to season, men are searching the market for the best products to fit their needs. Message to all salons: Keeping your inventory up to date benefits the owner, the stylists, and the client. Everybody wins!

One of the most exciting consequences from the recent growth in the cosmetology industry is the increase in new opportunities that were previously unavailable. One of the biggest opportunities being provided through this growth is the ability for more barbers/stylists to find work and open Salons. This is good for the economy as well as the entire cosmetology industry. With more barbers and hair cutting salons in business the competition increases, which in turn leads to higher quality service being provided to the customer. Also, with there being a growing focus on barbering and current hair styles from the public perspective, cosmetologists will be forced to be more innovative, and thereby help to shape and even create global styles. Another benefit we are seeing from growth in the industry is the increase of resources available to barbers and stylists. With more demand for their services, barbers will be able to afford and stay up to date on all the latest hair cutting technology.

Men and women’s skin is different in a handful of different ways. Example: men’s skin is 25% thicker, contains a noticeably higher collagen density, produces more sebum oil, and appears to be better hydrated, even without skin products. That’s why facials tailored specifically to men’s skin are a thing. Men’s facials are structured to the needs of men’s skin and usually deal with problems men commonly face, such as razor burn, sensitivity, dullness, and ingrown hairs. Some target skin that has been damaged by the elements like sun and wind, some target acne, and some target aging. Aestheticians deeply cleanse skin before exfoliating away dead skin cells, steaming open pores, performing extractions to clear individually clogged pores, and applying a toner. The facials may include a vigorous face, neck, and shoulder massage, and they often conclude with the application of a customized mask and men’s skincare products. So why aren’t men’s facials more of a thing?  It is clear that men still have a ways to go to get to the point where they take advantage of self-improvement the way women do.

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