Keep Hair Looking its Best with the Right Tools from HOT TOOLS®.

Choosing the best styling tool for your hair doesn’t have to be complicated. A fast and easy tip for selecting a hair dryer or a flat iron, for example, is making sure the appliance offers a good range of heat settings. A quick scan to verify that your tool delivers necessary heat temperatures can save you lots of styling grief later.

When choosing a heat setting on your dryer or flat iron, consider the thickness of your hair. Remember to work with your hair texture—not against it! A great rule of thumb is that fine, thin hair requires your temperature to be at the lowest possible setting for styling. Normal hair should do well with a mid-range setting, and wavy hair responds well to temperatures a little higher. Thick ethnic hair typically requires a higher setting for optimum styling. Don’t forget that these are just estimates! Experiment with a small section of your hair to determine the best heat setting.

Hot Tools® styling products offer both digital displays and manual dials to achieve a wide range of desired heat settings. Professional hair dryers have a stronger airflow that requires less time to dry hair, which means less time exposed to heat—a great way to give yourself a hair-healthy lifestyle. Another good tip is to make sure you use the nozzle attachment to target airflow, which helps distribute heat more evenly.


Let’s look at Hot Tools® dryers and straighteners in more detail to give you additional direction for fabulous hairstyles.


Hair Dryer

Know your dryer and what it can do for your hair. The Hot Tools® 1038UL dryer with Direct IONIC TECHNOLOGY® injects a high volume of ions into the air stream, depositing them directly onto the hair to break apart water molecules for easier evaporation and faster drying. What does this mean for your hair? It means supreme conditioning, silky smoothness, and eye-catching shine, all with reduced frizz.

The Hot Tools® Pro-Moisture system with Tourmaline and IONIC® technologies further revives your hair by transforming your dryer’s airflow into a hydrating spa treatment for hair. This reduces drying time by up to 50 percent faster than non-ionic dryers! Half the time means half the heat on your hair.


Salon Flat Iron

The Hot Tools® 1” Salon Flat Iron with Extra-Long Plates also has the benefits of the Nano Ceramic® Micro-Shine® Styling surface. With this advanced technology, you can enjoy:

  • Snag-free styling with an ultra-smooth surface
  • Incredible shine and frizz-free, long-lasting styles
  • Gentle far-infrared heat that minimizes damage while protecting hair integrity


Know your setting—don’t fry your hair! Regardless of hair thickness and texture, start with low temperatures and increase as needed or decrease the temperature to find the right heat setting. Controlling the iron’s temperature goes a long way in creating healthy, beautiful styles.


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