Kids Hair Care Brand Challenges Parents to Adopt Healthier Hair Practices to Dramatically Grow and Strengthen Children’s Hair in Just 90-Days

July 10, 2018 (New York City, NY)— There’s a new challenge in town!  Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care introduces their new 90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge to promote healthy hair for children while offering amazing prizes and healthy hair secrets. The Natural Bunch Kids team discovered that their products have the power to grow and thicken healthy hair for children struggling with damaged hair, hair loss, and naturally short or thin hair. When used properly and consistently, Natural Bunch Kids hair care products will give children their most beautiful, healthy head full of natural curls ever!

Natural Bunch Kids Founder, Betty Ceus is a daycare strategist who decided to take her years of experience working with children to tackle the root problem that many working parents have issues keeping up with — natural hair care.  “I noticed many parents had issues managing their children’s hair, especially mixed children with interracial parents, so I provided a solution which increases moisture retention and promotes growth by stimulating the scalp,” says Betty.

“Earlier attention to hair care needs greatly reduces problems in the future,” says Betty. “Kinky and coily hair textures, especially, are more vulnerable to dryness and breakage because it’s difficult for natural scalp oils to reach the ends of the tightly-coiled hair strands. This means extra special care is needed on those tiny, natural tresses.”

Due to these reasons, Natural Bunch Kids is making it their mission to get children with naturally kinky and curly hair everywhere, their most healthy, lengthy, luxurious strands through their unique 90-day healthy hair challenge. Over the span of 90 days, parents are to regularly use Natural Bunch Kids hair products on their child’s hair while following hair care tips to optimize hair growth.

Thankfully, parents can leave the hassle of choosing the best fit products for their child’s hair texture to Natural Bunch Kids as the company has curated their most powerful fast-growing hair bunch to tackle issues contributing to hair retention, thinning, excessive shedding, and overall damage.  Totaling to more than $125, this entire package is available to ALL challenge participants for only $99. Here’s what’s included in the 90-Day Healthy Hair Bunch:

·         Treat Me Good Oil Treatment

·         Love My Roots Deep Protein Treatment

·         Nourish Me Multi Gummy Vitamins with Biotin

·         Shine Bright Oil Sheen

·         Irresistible Me Curl Enhancing Cream with Moroccan Oil

·         Leave Me B pro-Vit B-5 leave-in Conditioner

·         Squeaky Clean Shampoo

·         Knots Out Conditioner

·         Detangling Brush

“The products are already producing groundbreaking results,” says Betty. “Shayna, a young Natural Bunch Kids customer, started her hair growth journey with short length hair and sparse areas throughout her scalp. After just two months of consistent daily use of Natural Bunch Kids Treat Me Good Hair Growth Oil, Nourish Me Hair Growth Vitamins, and Shine Bright Moisturizing Sheen, Shayna’s sparse hair areas filled in completely.”

Today, after even longer usage, Shayna enjoys a full head of moisturized, healthy hair, a few inches longer than before, and she’s loving every moment of her progress. Shayna’s style options have expanded and she’s found more confidence in rocking her natural hair everywhere she goes. Natural Bunch Kids’s goal is to spread this kind of joy and hair growth success to every child, no matter the stage they are in on their natural hair growth journey.

Participating children in the 90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge must be between the ages of 3-12, based in the United States, and registered by a legal guardian 18 years of age or older. Also, participants must use recommended products and follow prescribed regimens to achieve maximum results over the 90-day period.

To enter the challenge, parents are to sign up at and upload a 1-min video (or less) showing the current condition of their child’s hair from the front, back and sides.  On the 30th of each month between July 30th to September 30th, parents are to upload an additional video of 1-min (or less), showing the progress of their child’s hair from the front, back and sides. The challenge kicks-off on June 30th, 2018 and ends on September 30th, 2018!

One winner is to be selected based on demonstrating the most progress after 90-days by September 30, 2018. The lucky child will not only gain healthier hair, but a ton of amazing prizes, which include the following:

·         A $500 Shopping Spree

·         A FREE 90-Day Healthy Hair Bunch valued at $125

·         A spotlight in a national Natural Bunch Kids marketing campaign

·         Plus so much more!

Visit for more information. Plus, follow Natural Bunch Kids for children’s amazing hair transformations, natural hair product info, and healthy hair tips on Instagram @naturalbunchkidshaircare. For interview requests with Betty, contact Eugene Salas at or 678-884-4008 ext. 702.


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