Love at First Crimp

Pull out the memory boxes from your closets and visit the big-hair days when shirts were baggy, caps were skewed and the Fresh Prince was still fresh. It’s time to dust off what was once a fashion staple of every girl’s vanity top: the long-forgotten hair crimper.

Yes, that saw-toothed fashion accessory is back from its Valley Girl days and now thriving in the instant world of hashtags, posts and selfies.

The crimping emergence was first noted three years ago at a series of catwalk shows—including the Oscar de la Renta and Costume National 2012 extravaganza—and the phenomenon continues. We’re nearly midway through 2015 and a growing list of Hollywood’s top women, including Tyra Banks and Rihanna, are flaunting the signature zig-zags of the crimper at photo shoots, galas and red carpets.


Hair Crimping is Back!

Most women like enough volume in their hair that will give their look more style. Two ways to achieve this caliber of volume are teasing and a texturizing iron, also known as a crimping iron. The problem with these methods is that teasing damages your hair and texturizing irons are good for one style before your hair needs to be washed. Using the wrong iron with the wrong amount of heat for your hair type can also damage your hair.


Use the Right Styling Tools!

We recommend that you use professional tools that are designed with more stringent engineering requirements that better protect your hair from heat and damage. Lower quality tools may save you a few dollars, but they have the tendency to break down or burn your hair. Investing in a professional tool will give you the benefit of a longer lifetime and best styling results.

For those looking to join the crimping style, we offer some suggestions. A great choice is the Gold ’N Hot Ceramic Crimping/Texturizing Iron, which can crimp any hair type and quickly heats up to 450 degrees with a rheostat control. The ceramic plates ensure your hair will not only be full of texture, but free from damage. The lightweight and compact design will fit your hand properly without hurting your wrist after using it for a longer period of time. The iron is available in two different sizes—1” for tight, micro crimps and 2” for looser crimps.


Crimp It Up

Women enjoy looking beautiful and feeling attractive. Play up your hair! Don’t feel like you are limited in style choices when crimping! The beautiful textures of ethnic hair are ideal matches for the sassy style of crimping. From crimped highlights drawn into a playful ponytail, to a full mane of billowy angelic tufts, the crimping repertoire is limited only by your imagination. The online fashion world is full of YouTube videos and helpful sites that can give you head-turning crimping styles for any occasion.

Today’s crimped styles have a softer feel than the “electrified” frizz of early crimpers. More natural-looking texture, body and volume provide a sophisticated look that makes crimped styles suitable for high-end elegance. When you think of crimping, it’s perfectly suitable now to also think of the traditional updos of weddings, gala events and other formal outings.

If you embrace and explore all of its styling possibilities, and invest in professional salon tools, your journey will be a rewarding one. Hairstyles are only limited by a woman’s imagination. Remember, your hair is worth every penny.


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