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If you’re feeling reminiscent of the days when #lifegoals were about big hair and bright colored clothing, then it’s time to stop daydreaming and start recreating. The nostalgic ‘80s and ‘90s styles are back and they’re bigger and brighter than ever! Runways, music videos, and red carpets are blowing up with big, texturized hair and we are on a mission to help you slay the next time you walk out the door.

Gone are the days of perfectly straight and sleek hair. That’s right, no more stressing over that little bit of extra frizz you can’t tame! Now is the time to be bold and fierce—let your mane roar! The wavy, texturized hair trend is fun and exciting because you can create different types of waves for different events. Whether you’re going to spend the day soaking up the sun by the beach, head out for a wild night out, or go to a classy dinner, you can use different types of wavers to create saucy waves to leave you feeling extra confident!

The Gold ’N Hot Ceramic Deep Waver creates glamorous, elegant, deep waves that will leave you instantly red carpet ready. The iron has a temperature variation up to 450°F, making it possible to style ANY hair texture—no matter how coarse or coily it might be. Its quick 60 second heat-up makes it even easier to get started and get out the door that much faster. To achieve deep, long lasting waves, hold the iron for 12-15 seconds on each portion of the section of hair you are styling. For looser, relaxed waves, hold for 8-12 seconds. If you’re worried about the heat, the ceramic plates distribute heat evenly for fast styling and seal in moisture, leaving your hair free from damage.

To channel your playful, wild side, try a waver like the Gold ’N Hot Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver. Its extra large barrels create big, fun waves, perfect for a music festival or summer outing! The iron has various temperatures up to 450°F that can be adjusted for ANY hair type and the waver has a cool tip feature to allow for more control while styling. The great thing about this waver is that the ceramic technology will leave your waves feeling soft and bouncy! For a more subtle wave, also try the Gold ’N Hot Professional Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver.

For those who are not used to letting their manes roam freely, using a waver on a few small sections in your hair can amplify your natural look. On the contrary, some might be ready to take their look to the next level. What if beach waves just aren’t bold enough, you ask? We challenge you to tease your hair at the root for that extra daring look! Whichever style you choose, don’t forget to top off your look with that bright, neon pink lipstick.






To see demonstrations on how to use our wavers, check out these videos:


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