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OTC: Your hair is beautiful. It looks so healthy. What is your regimen for conditioning and daily maintenance?
Angeliah: Thank you, thank you. Now if you asked this question a year ago when I had my curly natural hair, we would be here a while for me to explain each product and order in which I used them. I recently loc’d my hair and the maintenance is very minimal. Most mornings I spray a rose water mixture on my locs, oil my scalp with Haitian castor oil and go.

OTC: Have you always been natural? If not, when did you first go natural and how was that journey for you?
Angeliah: In 2009 after a bad reaction to a relaxer, it was then I decided that it was time to try something different. I’m so impatient I didn’t transition like I see a lot of ladies do. I opted for a big chop. I loved my curls and trying new products and styles. My natural hair journey of course had its ups and downs but none that I regret. Eventually I found products that my hair really loved and my go to styles and techniques that worked for me.

OTC: When did you decide to loc your hair? Any tips for someone thinking about starting their loc journey?
Angeliah: I knew almost a couple years into my natural hair journey that locs were in my future. I’m such a minimalist in terms of maintenance so locs truly fit my lifestyle. The get up spray and go has been one of the best things about this journey. For anyone who is thinking about starting locs I say start. If you change your mind it’s fine but you will never know if you don’t try them. When I first began my journey it was rough. Very rough. My locs shrunk like 90 percent. Yet and still, I stuck it out. It’s been a year for me now and I’m so happy with the progress of my locs. I’m also glad that I didn’t give up. Don’t over think it, just go for it.

OTC: Do you have any products that are your favorites?
Angeliah: Carols Daughter Wash Day Delight is a favorite. I would wash my hair every single day with this product if I could. It’s gentle, doesn’t strip my locs or leave them feeling dry, smells amazing and helps so much with my dandruff.

OTC: I saw that you are the founder of Kinks2Curls. Why did you start it and can you tell me a little about it?
Angeliah: I started kinks2curls to not only motivate myself but others like me who are starting natural hair journey. Sharing styles and products that have worked for different textures has helped myself as well as others. We’re there to help anyone having trouble while on their natural hair journeys. We receive a lot of messages from women and even men who are experiencing hair loss or feeling like giving up because they haven’t found products that work. Those are the people we’re here for. To uplift, educate where we can and encourage.
We’ve partnered with a long list of natural hair care brands to promote their businesses and share their products with our audience. Sharing what’s out there has not only helped our audience, it’s actually helped a lot of small businesses get their products out there.

OTC: What hair trends are you loving the most right now?
Angeliah: I don’t really follow the trends but I see a lot of women locing their hair right now and I love to see it. Whenever I see starter locs on a queen I make it a point to let her know how beautiful they are and how the journey gets even more beautiful with time.

OTC: How is it balancing motherhood, family life, and entrepreneurship? Any advice for keeping things flowing and organized?
Angeliah: Whew it’s challenging at times because I love spending time with my husband and children. To be transparent I’m still figuring out that balance. Often times I feel guilty if I haven’t been very present at home or if I haven’t focused enough on my business and I’m falling behind. These days I talk to my children more about “what Mommy has going on” instead of just calling it work. I have an entire team now that helps with my campaigns, emails and so on. This has helped free up more of my time for my family. Best decision ever. I make it a habit to write down my day to plan better. There’s something about seeing it on paper that keeps me organized and I’m able to sneak in more time. Winging it had never worked for me.

OTC: Do you have any wellness practices that you find helpful?
Angeliah: Yes, I enjoy working out. It truly balances my day. I’m not quite myself when I take those long breaks from being active. Lately I’ve been consistent and it really shows. I have more energy throughout the day and I’m overall happier when I feel good inside-out.

OTC: Where do you see yourself and your brand in a few years?
Angeliah: Definitely checking more goals off a list I have for myself and actually taking the time to realize, “hey that was once a goal and I should celebrate that.” Often times I don’t stop to actually pat myself on the back. I immediately start chasing the next thing. In the next few years I would like to be able to say I love where I am in each area of my life…family, brand, health, and so on. What I want for myself is a life of ease and that doesn’t require me working myself crazy to get there.

Angeliah Clarke
Content Creator
IG: @ange_liah & @Kinks2curls

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