Men’s Grooming 411

It’s time for the new 411 on men’s grooming. Here is a quick tutorial about where today’s man is and how he grooms.



According to GQ magazine more men than ever are getting facials. Some men get dragged into a spa under the guise of couples massages and facials. Thank God for women who know how to handle men…

As a Barber I was used to giving and getting facials as a matter of course. From my first clay pack and Boncilla rub to my latest peppermint mask and lemon rub, I try to make facials a routine. Ask any guy who has gotten them or gets them regularly and he will tell you there is just no reason in the world why a man should not indulge himself in a facial at least once a month. At-home facials are a great ritual to indulge the senses, open and clean pores, tighten skin and bond with wives and girlfriends.

Only truly enlightened guys will rap with one another about the virtues of scrubs and splashes, but those conversations do take place, just not usually over beers at the bowling lanes.


Good-bye Nose Hairs and Unibrow

When I was a young barber-stylist, one of my mentors put me on-point with information critical at the time, even though a lot of guys did not practice this in the 1970s. I knew it was a future wave to come.

“Will, when your customer is lying back in the chair with the hot towel over his face during the shave, inform him that you are going to trim the nose hairs that extend beyond his nostrils as part of the shave or moustache trim.” That sage advice endeared me to many a customer who was either afraid to or did not care to trim his own. Nowadays it is almost second nature for men to trim.

Another piece of great advice was while the lower portion of the face was being steamed with the hot towel, use the point of the shears to open and close flush with the face on the unibrow. The quick open and close will remove hair without pinching or cutting and leave the skin intact. Threading does the same, using a razor or wax on the unibrow removes skin cells that can sometime become irritated or just leave a guy looking all red between the eyes.


Nail Care

So I’m in the nail shop getting my routine mani-pedi because “She who must be obeyed” said, “You are not getting in this bed with scratchy feet or socks. Go get a pedicure.” The eucalyptus scrub for feet and legs was my idea after the nail tech suggested it. She also suggested the paraffin wax on my hands, so for many years this has been a part of my manicure. No polish, just a nice buff, and my hands look good while I’m working on clients, and I get points at home.


Trim Up

Making sure that hair is trimmed from earlobes is a must, especially if you are wearing a haircut that is close on the sides to emphasize face and bone structure. OTCs have nose and ear trimmers that should be suggested to men when they make purchases at the store.



I really love having a nice shave after a trip to the sauna and a massage because it kind of puts a finishing statement to the totally groomed experience. Even though it is an almost everyday effort, the clean-shaven look still can be enjoyed.

Pre shave oil on a wet face after a nice steam lays down the extra lubrication that allows extreme razor glide for a faster shave. Bump Patrol Pre Shave Oil has clove bud, orange oil, tea tree and lavender to nourish the face before, during, and even after the shave. Build a great lather with a quality shave brush and Bump Patrol Cool Shaving Gel and you, my friend, are ready to zip through and over stubble to reveal that baby smooth face she loves to dance cheek to cheek with, or plant quick smooches on.

Finish off your shave with an aftershave treatment, and Bump Patrol Moisturizer. Now here are the goods on moisturizers for men:

  1. It has to have sun protection because we are—for the most part—outside more than some ladies. (Honey-do list not withstanding)
  2. Men, we have this amazing hormone called testosterone that helps keep us looking younger than our mates, and it can also stimulate oil production in our skin. Therefore our moisturizers have to be different from hers because she has estrogen and that can be an oil suppressant. So OTC staff, please let men know that his moisturizer is for him and hers is for her, because hers can just make him too darn shiny (and I dare say greasy) from time to time.


Mattification is not a misspelled word, it’s just a new word I am adding to the lexicon of men’s grooming. We like and need a matte finish to skin because of the aforementioned testosterone and its affinity for stimulating oil. (Teenage and adult acne, hello.)


Well, I think you guys have got it from it here. OTCs and Beauty Supply Stores, know that men are coming into the store and soon you will see them reading packages just like women. They are becoming better informed consumers as they learn about themselves. We have to be ready to serve their newly recognized needs.

Just remember, guys need product and advice for hair, skin and nails. Oh yeah, and manscaping, but that’s another article. Until next time, this is Master Barber Will Williams. Out.

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