Men’s Grooming Trends in 2017

This year, women aren’t the only one’s bringing spring in with style. Men are becoming more style conscious than ever, especially when it comes to their hair. The brothers are learning that they don’t have to settle for the traditional short haircut that has everybody looking alike from the eyebrows up. They’ve learned there are plenty of options.

This trend toward more creative hairstyles can be credited to a number of factors. First there are the barbers of the new millennium. They have discovered that there can be a lot more to their trade than just keeping hair short. In the spirit of this freedom to be more innovative, today’s barber has become an artist, with the many different textures of a man’s hair providing a versatile canvas upon which a barber can express his creative genius. There are long fades, short fades, high and low fades with deep waves, or short and spongy twists. Basic black or dark brown hair doesn’t have to be the thing either. We’ve seen men with blonde at the top, red in the middle and brown on the edges. Of course a man who rocks such a colorful style must have the rest of himself very much together.

Bald, shaved heads are no longer the trend—unless a person is balding. However, even that is becoming a rarity with so many products out that keep the hair healthy and on the scalp where it belongs, instead of missing in action. Add to that a healthier lifestyle, more nutritious eating habits, drinking plenty of water and men are beginning to keep their hair longer (in terms of time as well as length.)

Well-groomed locs and braids look exceptionally good on well-groomed men. No longer does he have to settle for dry, raggedy-looking locs, because there are now products that provide the moisture they need to keep their sexy braids and cool locs looking their absolute best. For instance, Jamaican Mango & Lime® Island Oil provides every thirsty strand of hair, from roots to ends, with moisturization. Don’t think for a minute that this great product is made only for locs or braids. Short fades, crew cuts, deep waves and every other style can benefit from its moisturizing, hydrating properties. Even beards and moustaches can use some of this fantastic product to look their very best. Nobody wants to look at a scroungy beard or an unkempt moustache. When a man cares enough to take the time to groom his beard or trim his moustache, people notice.

This spring, remember that men want to look their best, whether it’s for a Mother’s Day dinner, to be the guest of honor on Father’s Day or every day between. Just make sure your shelves are stocked with the right products and you’re ready to give the right advice so men can understand what the right products are for their hair.

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