Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Trimmer is Best of Them All? Part 2

Continued from March’s “Clipper Tips” article.


Blade Designs

Andis trimmers have three primary blade designs options for trimmers which are square, T and deep tooth. Each blade design can be used to do everything. However, the different design of each blade has a small advantage in how it performs for specific tasks.

Square shaped blades are equipped with standard short teeth that do not extend beyond the base of the trimmer. Its design forms the shape of a square and is often used to create straight lines and sharp corners when outlining. Square blades are most popular among barbers who have clients who ask for very straight front lines. The most often used square blade trimmer is the Andis Outliner.

T-shaped trimmer blades are best for trimming in tight spaces with ease, such as the corners of a mustache and around the ears. T-shaped blades vary in size—which are small and large—and each size has an impact on how much hair can be cut at one time. My very first Andis trimmer was the T-Edger which is equipped with a small T-blade. My next Andis trimmer was the Outliner II which is equipped with a large square blade.

Deep tooth trimmer blades are fairly new, and since its conception they have become very popular. Deep tooth blades are great for allowing more hair to feed into the trimmer blades and excel at cutting thicker hair. They are easier to align if needed. For example, the Superliner is equipped with a deep tooth T-blade and a rotary motor, which collectively allows for more comfortable dry shaving and quicker outlining of thick hair. These are a few reasons why the Superliner has become popular in urban barbershops.


My personal favorite trimmer is the SlimLine Pro Li which is equipped with a deep tooth, small T-shaped blade, a rotary motor, and cord/cordless operation. It’s been selected as my best trimmer because it suits my needs with its motor type, blade design and power source. My question for you is: What’s the best trimmer for you? If you have questions of which trimmer has what features, log on to Andis.com today to find out which trimmer is best for you!

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