Welcome to the world of Jinny United

Welcome to the world of Jinny United. We have everything you need and more under one roof for all your beauty care needs. Jinny Beauty Supply is the largest distributor of multicultural beauty care products and general merchandise in the world with 1.44 million square feet of warehouse space spread throughout nine top metropolitan cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Oakland and St. Louis. With 349 top elite Jinny Staff members in America and another 315 international staff members, we provide top notch service to all our customers domestically and internationally, worldwide.


Jinny United can reach every single metropolitan city within 24 hours and almost 90 percent of major cities within the same day for delivery. The total selection of products we carry is 60,000 items and we have a 94 percent in stock ratio and 99 percent fulfillment accuracy on all orders. We always strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our core policy is to ship out all orders received before 1 pm the same day. With any orders confirmed by our international customers, we guarantee that we can be ready to ship the complete order within ten business days.

Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Oakland and St. Louis

Our selection of beauty supply and beauty general merchandise products can be viewed in the Jinny Catalogs, Jinny USB Cards and Jinny On-Line viewing. Please ask your Jinny customer representative how you can receive our materials.

Our JBS Hair Corp. has numerous brands of 100 percent human hair and blended, natural hair and synthetic fiber hairs to choose from. Our brands are recognized throughout the world and we have customers in various countries.

JBS Hair Corp. prides itself upon quality and its prices offered to our customers, which is far superior to our competitors because of the sheer volume we purchase in the Far East that gives us advantage in the market place. We offer various services such as OEM (total turn key operation from selecting a new brand name to designing a new logo and package design) for customers who want to have their own brand. We also offer many other programs to push our brand to consumers through advertising.

We invite you to visit our JBS Beauty Clubs where you can find all the fashion accessories for all four seasons that you are looking for, and much more. You will be amazed at our lowest prices, wide range of products, and the size of our buildings dedicated for these types of products.

Visit our newest company Beauty Logica! This company specializes in servicing our OTC stores and distributors all over the world with general market type products. As Jinny Beauty Supply is the number one multicultural distributor in the world, Beauty Logica is striving to be in the same position in the general market industry. Our product selection for this market is growing everyday with new requests from our customers. By utilizing all the distribution centers already in place by Jinny United, Beauty Logica has a greater advantage to service new customers and satisfy their needs.

Jinny United supports all the OTC stores (both multicultural and general market, worldwide) and other distributors (domestically and internationally). Unfortunately we do not service individual salons, barbers or the end consumer.

We are the best in the business and we are a true one-stop company. Give us an opportunity and you will know the difference. Please visit www.jinny.com, www.jbshair.com and www.beautylogica.com.

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