Nail Check-Up

Take a look at your nails, are they ready to be flaunted in the sun with spring’s hottest trends or do they need a little bit more maintenance? If you answered yes, great for you and if you answered no, well don’t worry; there is still time to get ready. Nail colors accented with designs are super trendy this spring, possibly making you consider trying some of the new trends like cobalt blue, textured tips, bold metallic stripes and bright, eclectic prints. All of these trends are nice, but healthy, natural nails trend year-round Yes, natural nails are always a great choice this season.

Natural nails are “in” every season. No matter the color of the season, you can never go wrong with well-manicured natural nails. There is no secret on how to achieve healthy nails, just simply take care of them. Stress, lack of proper nutrition and exercise can affect your overall health, including nail growth, strength and appearance.


To achieve healthy, natural nails follow these simple steps:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles, gently push them back
  2. Don’t use your nails as tools
  3. Do eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein
  4. Do keep nails and hands moisturized


If you do not take care of your body, your body will show signs externally. Always be alert to changes in nail textures, shapes or colors that are not due to bruising or fungal infection. When you notice your nails snagging on your sweaters, or the color and texture changing, cracking or peeling, you should become concerned. Tamara Lior, MD, a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida, says she once convinced a patient to have his lungs checked after noticing a bluish tint to his nails, a sign that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen; it just so happens they found fluid in his lungs. The condition of your nails can be a warning sign of your overall health.


The American Academy of Dermatology advises you to look out for:

  • White Nails – Liver Condition
  • Half Pink/Half White Nails – Kidney Disease
  • Yellowing and Thickening of the Nail, Slowed Growth Rate – Lung Disease
  • Pale Nail Beds – Anemia
  • Yellow-Tinged Nails with a Slight Blush at the Base – Diabetes


Keeping an eye out for some of these signs could potentially save your life and the lives around you. Weekly maintenance, along with vitamins and proper nutrition, can help prevent these problems and ensure long-term health. Groganics™ Healthy Hair Vitamins strengthen and promote healthy nail growth. These vitamins are fortified with key ingredients such as biotin and folic acid, which are both essential for healthy nails.

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H and B7, is used for a number of purposes. It is widely known for promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. Easily found in several foods like bananas, egg yolks, nuts, and whole grains, it is also found in supplements. Biotin supplements can help strengthen brittle nails. Studies show that biotin may relieve symptoms such as splitting or brittleness of the nails.

In addition to biotin, folic acid is a vitamin that is essential to healthy nails. It is a B vitamin that is vital for producing new cells. Just like hair, nails grow and require folic acid for healthy growth. Celebrate the color of healthy nails rather than colors that might be hiding severe problems.

Let your nails do the talking with confidence this spring. Once you understand how to achieve healthy, well-groomed, elegant nails, then you can explore your choice of the latest lacquers and designs.

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