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When it comes to natural hair, understand it comes in stages. Some women are currently struggling in the transition stage not knowing exactly what to do with their hair and experiencing difficulties in styling due to different textures. There are some women who have decided the transition stage is just too frustrating and they choose to do the big chop resulting in the teeny weeny afro (TWA). You can’t forget about women who have medium length hair that won’t grow past their arm pits and are searching for the best remedies to make their hair grow faster. And finally there are women who have long hair that are learning how to handle it because it’s so long.  It is safe to say, you have a customer that fits all of these stages.

Women learn to embrace each stage of their natural hair journey with a sense of pride. They begin to respect themselves more and as a result they boost their self-esteem. Hairstyles women once thought were impossible to do with their hair are now possible through this journey. One of the greatest benefits of having natural hair is the ability to wear it curly or straight.

The desire to wear a different look crosses a woman’s mind quite often after seeing stars like Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o prove that short hair can be just as glamorous as long hair; amazed as singer Alicia Keys rock shaved sides; or even watching singer Janell Monae rock out on stage with a ‘sculpted’ do.

There are so many ways to wear natural hair that it leaves others in amazement and full of questions. Natural hair is definitely a conversation starter and using the right products will have people asking your customers, “What products do you use on your hair?”

MY DNA is line that will definitely start a conversation. It was created for spiral hair of every texture and for natural hair consumers who embrace their cultural DNA. This line was formulated with unique natural ingredients that help women rediscover and accept the way they were born and allows them to be bold, confident and naturally free.

Suggest the following products and steps for customers wanting to wear their curly hair straight.

Curly to straight hair using MY DNA products:
1.    Shampoo hair with MY DNA Sulfate-Free Shampoo to remove product build-up and avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils.
2.    Use MY DNA Detangling Conditioner to hydrate and detangle hair.
3.    Dry hair with either a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel in a blotting motion to reduce breakage and then blow dry.
4.    Apply a dime-sized amount of MY DNA Shine & Smoothing Mist to moisturize and protect hair from heat damage.
5.    Blow dry hair and section hair into parts to flat iron.
6.    Apply MY DNA Serum to smooth hair and add shine.

It is normal for women to receive “oohs” and “aahs” after straightening their hair. They are usually amazed at how long their hair actually is being that natural hair textures experience shrinkage. A benefit of wearing straight hair is the versatility. Straight hair can be thrown into a ponytail, a bun or an updo within a short amount of time. It is appropriate for work, a date, the gym or even a special event.

If natural hair customers have straight hair and want to switch it up to curly hair, they can follow steps one through three listed above and add these steps listed below:
1.    Section hair into small sections.
2.    Spray hair with MY DNA Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler and distribute evenly to condition the hair while detangling and moisturizing.
3.    Apply MY DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter to provide moisture and MY DNA Defining Custard to define curls or spirals.
4.    Style as desired.

Whether a woman’s hair is straight or curly, women like for their hair to feel good and look good. Maximize your sales by recommending hair accessories such as jeweled headbands, shimmer head wraps, bohemian head chains or even simple hair pins and hair ties no matter if their hair is short, long, straight or curly. Not only do your customers need them, but they also show off a glamourous side without spending too much time styling. Natural hair gives women the ability to style as they want. You will benefit from a more profitable sale by acknowledging their natural hair freedom and enhancing their overall look.

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