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As our society becomes more educated on hair, more hair issues seem to become more apparent. Hair breakage, split ends, and chemical damage are only a few of the problems that hair brands are clamoring to solve. Recently, hair loss has come into the spotlight, but it’s nothing new for hairstylists who tried their best to help their clients with this issue. That was the case for hair stylist Jesseca Dupart, who built her business, Kaleidoscope Hair Products, on the growing necessity for a remedy to hair loss and alopecia.
Equipped with a unique marketing strategy and a proven product, this brand offered an entirely new perspective on the hair loss conversation, said Dupart.

“We’ve now become a huge name brand when it comes to beauty products,” she said. “Anytime, especially in the urban market, anyone sees something that has hair loss or is hair-loss related, they think of us.”

Dupart, like other stylists, realized that hair loss was at its all-time high. Even with the natural hair movement gaining momentum in recent years, there were still those who suffered from chemical burns, thinning hair, and traction alopecia from weaves or braids that were too tight. She believed there were too many people suffering from this condition and decided to take matters into her own hands by creating a solution herself. Dupart reached out to one of her close mentors, who introduced her to manufacturers and others who could help her make products. That was the push she needed to launch her brand in 2014. Kaleidoscope started with four core products: Miracle Drops, Sleek Edges, Diamond Shine, and Versatile Spritz.

Kaleidoscope is most famous for their No. 1 selling product Miracle Drops, but since the company’s grand opening other products have been growing in popularity. The company’s growing collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and even a heat protectant. There are currently 11 products in total that center around hair growth. Why are Kaleidoscope products so popular? Dupart likens her products to a stimulant, suggesting they give the scalp “a jumpstart”, similar to the shock of a defibrillator to a failing heart. This jolt can encourage hair growth and restore hair follicles. “It even helps in situations where people have had issues for years,” added Dupart.

Unlike other hair loss treatment products that center on pill and vitamin consumption, Kaleidoscope products are all topical and applied directly onto the head. The decision to keep the products topical was intentional for good reason. Many people – young and old – find it hard to takes pills. Topical products, however, can be applied by anyone and are soaked into the skin upon contact for maximum efficacy.

Meaningful Marketing
OTC retailers should keep a close eye on this brand because it has created a significant buzz on social media and the company has grown exponentially because of this exposure. Digital marketing is the norm and necessary for most beauty brands, but Kaleidoscope’s marketing strategy isn’t typical. From its promotional content on social media to its entertaining music and parody videos on YouTube, Kaleidoscope is difficult to ignore. Its relatable approach is one that Dupart prides herself on.

“I attack [alopecia] with comedy and bring it to the table. Let’s discuss the fact that people are dealing with hair loss,” she said while adding that Kaleidoscope does not make fun of hair loss rather the brand aims to make the best of a bad situation. Those who suffer from alopecia can easily be embarrassed by it. By adding humor to the conversation, consumers have become less apprehensive about their condition and more willing to seek out help and buy Kaleidoscope products, she said. Dupart also advises OTC retailers to incorporate Kaleidoscope posters in their store to attract customers. Many consumers look to brand signage in stores to find their favorite products.

Her desire to help others with her products has led to her undeniable success. Dupart has built her business from the ground up, and she doesn’t seem to be coming down anytime soon.

To learn more about Kaleidoscope Hair Products, visit and follow Dupart on Instagram at @darealbbjudy

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