OKAY Pure Naturals Shea Butter Yellow Smooth


Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, OKAY African Shea Butter is a rich butter that has been clinically proven to provide many benefits.

Such benefits include:
Daily skin moisturizer
Soothes skin rashes – including diaper rash
Eases skin peeling after tanning
Decreases itching due to dry skin
Eliminates stretch marks
Softens tough skin on feet
Diminishes blemishes and wrinkles
Offers sun and wind protection
Helps heal small skin wounds
Evens skin tone
Offers dry skin relief
Heals skin cracks
Calms eczema

For use on skin, scoop or rub off the Shea Butter from inside the jar and apply to the area by massaging into the skin while spreading. In cold areas Shea Butter may become very hard. Simply place the closed jar into hot water; let it sit for five minutes and the product should become more manageable.

For use in hair, apply Shea Butter to hair directly and leave in. Make sure to massage and comb to evenly spread. The product can also be applied as a liquid; to do so place a small amount of Shea Butter into a pot and warm up on the stove just enough so that it becomes a liquid. Do not overheat, nor warm up so that it is too hot to handle. Apply to hair from roots to tips, avoiding the scalp. Spread evenly and sit with a cap on for 30 minutes, then rinse. It may be used as a leave-in as well.

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