ORS™ Olive Oil Edge Control™ Hair Gel Stick

America loves the #1 selling Olive Oil Edge Control™ Hair Gel* from ORS™. Now be prepared to love taming your edges even more… on the go! New ORS™ Olive Oil Edge Control™ Hair Gel Stick puts a new twist on their classic and popular edge gel, providing the same great styling properties you’ve come to trust, but in a compact and purse-friendly stick.

The new innovation features a unique formulation of olive oil (nature’s secret to healthy hair), aloe vera, and wheat protein to offer superior hold and shine without the residue, hardening and flaking associated with other edge gels. It’s great for all hair textures…whether relaxed or natural, and it adds moisture without being greasy or sticky.

To use, simply remove the cap and slowly twist to dispense the product. Gently glide the stick over the desired area and smooth with your fingertips. Replace the cap, stow away the product in your purse, and you’re ready to rock your finished polished look whether a day at the office or a night on the town. Are you ready to get Control? www.ORSHairCare.com


* IRI African American Hair Care Report-MULO 52 WE 8/10/14

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