OTC Beauty Magazine Awards 2015


Advertisements are an integral part of any publication, and here at OTC Beauty Magazine we take time to recognize a few each year. Below is a collection of noteworthy manufacturers and brands that provided customer-drawing, attention grabbing and creative artwork that graced our publication. We congratulate 2015’s winners as well as honorable mentions, and sincerely thank you all for your support.







Best Cover: Creme of Nature

Honorable Mentions: Ecoco, DRM-JPC Brands, XBI


 OTC 2015-09 -FULL






Best New Advertiser: NEOX 

Honorable Mentions: NouriTress Hair Products, JBC Distributors/Sunny Isle







Most Marketable Ad: Ampro

Honorable Mentions: XBI, ORS, Clear Essence





Most Creative Ad: Barbicide

Honorable Mentions: Sparks, Fromm







Best All-Around Advertiser: Wella

Honorable Mentions: Colomer, XBI