Perfect Locks Launches First Ever Hair Extension Membership

Exclusive hair extension membership programs for consumers and hair extension professionals. These programs were designed for savvy hair extension consumers and hair stylists who buy quality human hair often.

As the competition for quality hair extensions grows, more customers are asking for more perks and benefits from hair extension companies. For the first time in hair retail history, Perfect Locks is launching a subscription-based membership program to consumers, stylists, and other hair professionals that addresses their needs and adds value to their hair shopping experience. Those who frequently purchase quality human hair extensions will greatly benefit from this program.

Perfect Locks calls this subscription program, VIP. The VIP program offers 20% off year-round, free shipping on all orders $100 and over, early access to major sales and new products as well as exclusive content created for VIP members. All of this and more is available for a low annual fee. For more information please click here.

However, Perfect Locks didn’t stop at the consumer, it also solved the concerns of stylists, salons and all hair professionals alike. Perfect Locks created a special VIPro Stylist program, that offers hair professionals 30% off year-round, free shipping on all orders $100 and over, exclusive styling tools not available to regular consumers, a stylist locator to encourage Perfect Locks customers to visit their salons, as well as backbar support such as free brochures and haircare products to help professionals grow their business for a low annual fee. For more details about the VIPro Stylist Membership Program please click here.

Perfect Locks has conducted in-depth focus groups with hundreds of customers to determine what matters to them most. The valuable input from consumers and hair professionals helped create the ultimate subscription program for all of their shopping needs. “Our customers are extremely loyal, and we want to make sure that we are providing the best quality for our customers whether it’s in our products, services, or content. We are always looking for ways to improve the hair buying experience,” said Perfect Locks CEO Gautama Swamy.

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