Protective Styling 101

When people think of protective styles, they may only consider two types of products: wigs and extensions. And yes, these items are notoriously used for protective styling, but there are more products to consider when helping shoppers achieve a protective style.

It also helps to know what constitutes a protective style. This unique styling involves “tucking the hair away,” which means your natural hair is bound in some way to be free of exposure to the elements or manipulation. To have length retention, many will install a protective style to avoid touching or styling their own hair. This gives the hair a fighting chance at growing and being free of split ends and breakage – the primary culprits of hindered hair growth.  

Wigs and extensions are useful in the protective styling endeavor, but there are other styling options to keep in mind when updating your inventory. Here are the most popular protective styling concepts to consider when planning your next purchase at Jinny Beauty Supply.


Beauty supply stores are no strangers to wigs. We know they are big sellers and will always be on-demand. However, knowing which styles are popular for the moment is critical. Full lace units that mimic a full head of braids. Lace fronts with perimeter lace for ponytail styling and more overall flexibility are also continuing to be popular. Synthetic wig offerings have also improved exponentially, with synthetic fibers resembling natural hair more and more. Regardless of the style or design, you’ll need to keep products that help customers maintain their units.


Sure, sew-ins are always a popular choice. But many customers are making their own clip-ins and even wigs with their bundles. For those looking for this sort of versatility, be sure you keep the necessary tools and accessories on hand for your do-it-yourself shoppers.


With summer not too far away, you’ll see an increased interest in super long braids. Hair with ombre color continuing to be a big hit, especially during the spring and summer, when popular festivals are in full effect. Passion twists continue to be a big hit, along with box braids adorned with beads and unique hair clasps. Your accessories section should be full of decorative accents for this style.  Photo Caption: Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash


For the customer who likes to change their style often and doesn’t like to spend a lot of time doing their hair, crochets will always be a natural choice. Crochet needles need to be kept in stock, and a variety of hair textures should be kept in store, too. From deep wave, synthetic hair to faux locs and even braids, you can create just about any style with the crochet technique. Don’t let your shoppers go online for their bags of crochets. Keep a variety in your shop!

Natural Styles Naturalistas may use their own curls to create a protective style rather than rely on added hair. Two-strand twists, Bantu knots, Milkmaid Braids; the options are absolutely endless. Offering a variety of natural styling products is essential for this style, as most shoppers will want to keep the style in for at least a few days. Edge gels, twisting creams and styling gels are among the necessities needed to create these styles. Photo Caption: Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

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