Sapelo Skin Care Launches Innovative New Sea Lavender Mist Dewy Toner and Skin Refresher

Sapelo Skin Care – a leading luxury skincare line carefully formulated by a team of physicians and cosmetic scientists in Savannah, Georgia – recently launched a new Sea Lavender Mist toner and skin refresher. Originally developed for The Spa at Sea Island to incorporate into their signature facial, this cutting-edge ionized mist is now available to the general public.

Inspired by the soft morning mist that rises over the banks of coastal Georgia’s rivers and barrier islands, Sapelo Skin Care’s Sea Lavender Mist is charged with lavender and geranium and features a range of nutrients designed to deliver superior hydration and promote healing.

“Our new Sea Lavender Mist complements the Sapelo Skin Care product line, which mimics the body’s natural healing response and works in harmony with the skin’s natural regenerative power,” said Sapelo Skin Care co-founder Stephanie Duttenhaver. “We’re thrilled to offer an exciting new toner and skin refresher that’s formulated to help your skin look and feel its best.”

Key ingredients include Pro Vitamin B5, a deep-penetrating moisturizer with wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties; Chrondus Crispus, a seaweed that is naturally rich in mineral salts, proteins and amino acids; a special Hyaluronic Acid formula designed to deliver sustained hydration; Psudoalternomonas Ferment Extract, an anti-aging compound that increases collagen and elastin production; as well as amino acids like Proline, Alanine and Serine, which help to repair the skin and balance moisture levels. The Sea Lavender Mist minimizes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and is designed to help the active ingredients penetrate more efficiently and deeper into the skin for optimal results.

The new Sea Lavender Mist is $32 for a one-ounce bottle and is available online at or at The Spa at Sea Island.

The new Sea Lavender Mist complements Sapelo Skin Care’s popular 2-Step Skin Recovery System, which faithfully recreates the body’s natural immune system response, gently infusing healing peptides and micro-nutrients without damaging the skin.

Sapelo Skin Care serums, creams, cleansers and masks are precisely formulated in small batches using natural, organic marine and botanical ingredients and are crafted from distinctly Southern-inspired ingredients such as magnolia oil and gardenia stem cells. Featured in Vogue, Allure and InStyle, the Sapelo Skin Care line is currently available at high-end retailers and spas in the United States, including Saks Fifth Avenue and the Spa at Sea Island, and online at

Proudly headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Sapelo Skin Care offers a luxurious collection of natural products that blend emerging discoveries in the science of skin rejuvenation with the tradition of gentle Southern skincare. Inspired by the twice-daily tides that define life along the Georgia coast, Sapelo Skin Care products provide a surge of nourishment and hydration for healthy skin cell development. Infused with a profusion of Southern-inspired botanical ingredients, Sapelo Skin Care products are strategically designed to replicate the body’s natural immune response, delivering a gentle cascade of biologically active peptides and cell-signaling molecules. This acclaimed product line has been featured in Vogue, Allure and InStyle and includes a wide range of skin recovery systems, cleansers, masks and serums. Learn more:

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