Shaving Innovations: The StyleCraft Flex Shaver Unveiled

Barbers are always looking for tools that make their job easier. One of the most time-consuming parts of the haircut is getting the hair all the way down to the skin using an electric shaver. The Flex shaver from Stylecraft has many advantages. Let’s break a few of them down.

The middle foil lets you pick up a few more hairs you may have missed with your trimmer. This would make this shaver an excellent option for both personal and professional use, like shaving your head or shaving your facial hair. For people who have to maintain a close shave at their job, using a razor every day can be hard on your skin so the flex could be a great solution to give you a comfortable shave every day. This shaver is small and portable, and you would even be able to shave in your car before you walk into work.

It can run at 6k, 75k, or 9k rpms . Cranking it up to 9K will get the job done fast and efficiently in most cases however, 7500 works great, preserves battery, and might be more suitable for clients with sensitive skin. So where does the 6k speed fit in? If you are approaching the end of your fade and need to fade out that final line, you may find it easier and more forgiving to move the shaver down to 6k; then, you can tap up and down and finesse that final part of your blend.

Putting it in the downward position will be very comfortable on your wrist and allow the full blade to make contact and remove the hair fast. Holding it in the upward position will get the middle blade up higher and allow you to isolate only one of the foils for fading and getting in the hard-to-reach spots, like when you are doing a low fade or taper. Overall, the Flex is a fast and efficient shaver with many benefits. Not only does it remove hair fast it’s also pretty quiet, even at the 9k rpm setting. Check out the full video for a more thorough breakdown of this product.

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