Slim Your Cutting Time with the SlimLine Ion Trimmer

I’m always excited when a new Andis tool comes out. The latest member in the company’s lineup is the SlimLine Ion™ T-blade trimmer. The Ion is different from others in the SlimLine family because of its new and improved lithium-ion battery. This more powerful battery produces two hours of non-stop runtime. The best part about lithium-ion batteries is that along with the longer running time, they experience less power loss during use—you get consistent power up until the battery drains completely. Like many Andis tools it is backed by a one-year warranty.

Another plus is the ergonomic design. It makes this trimmer a delight to use. Its sleek, contoured housing just feels right in your hand. But the SlimLine has more than good looks. It is equipped with a high-speed rotary motor, which can power through wet or dry hair. It also operates with or without the cord, which means it will be ready for action when you need it with no waiting.

The collection of features Andis designed into the Slimline Ion leads me to say that this is probably the most efficient trimmer on the market for use on children. Here’s why. Children pull on cords and cause small time-consuming distractions; the Slimline Ion eliminates that opportunity with its cord-free operation. Children will also appreciate the exclusive comfort edge finish on the T-blade. While the blades are not adjustable like the Slimline Pro, they are factory set to fit the needs of the average clipper cutter. The speed and confidence gained by knowing that your trimmer will not cut or nick the client can potentially save minutes off of your cut. It is also small enough to easily clip hair in tight areas while not cutting a child’s sensitive skin. Finally, this trimmer is a fun, bright color—radiant orchid—that kids will find less intimidating when they are sitting in the chair.

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